Yogi Free Laptop Distribution Scheme 2020 – Details, Eligbility, Features, Update

Yogi Free Laptop Distribution Scheme : You all will be very happy to know that CM Yogi Adityanath has started Yogi Free Laptop Distribution Scheme 2020 for meritorious students. In this initiative of Adityanath Yogi, 25 lakh youths will be given free laptops. Under this scheme, all those youths who will be admitted to college will get the benefit.

The main objective of Yogi Ji is that all the students studying in UP should get higher education. Some students are able to go to college due to a lack of money, but they are not able to get facilities like laptops, which are nowadays college. It is very important in, Under this scheme, laptops will be given to all college-going students of UP, which will be absolutely free. This will help the children of UP to progress further. This is a very good scheme of Yogi Ji

The 12th pass students of 2018 taking benefit under the Yogi Free Laptop Scheme are about 25 lakhs. And on this basis, laptops will be purchased.

Let us tell you that in this free laptop scheme, only those students who will be from UP and pass the 12th standard will get admission in the college. But let us also tell and the youth will not get the benefit of Yogi free laptop scheme / Yogi free laptop yojna, who will get higher education from outside UP.

Yogi Free Laptop Scheme 2020 – Uttar Pradesh

Under the Yogi Free Laptop Scheme, students of many poor families living in UP will get benefit who can go to college but cannot buy laptops.

Under the Yogi free laptop scheme Uttar Pradesh, about 25 lakh meritorious students will get the benefit, which will help them to progress, according to Yogi Ji, there are many children who are very good in studies but due to lack of facilities in studies cannot study well and this is a problem. Keeping this in mind, Yogi started a free laptop distribution scheme so that such children do not have any problem in college studies. Nowadays, the laptop is very important in today’s time. So that we can do all the work of studies very easily.

What would be the eligibility to get Yogi Free Laptop?

In Yogi Free Laptop Scheme, students who are in the 12th standard can take part and will enroll in college. Let us know such students. They can register for Yogi Free Laptop Scheme. But to participate in Yogi Free Laptop Scheme What should be the eligibility for? We will tell you below, please read them carefully.

To participate in the Yogi Free Laptop Scheme, the student must be a resident of UP.

In Yogi Free Laptop Scheme, the student has passed 12th standard.

Students in the Free Laptop Yogi Scheme enroll in the college after class XII.

To participate in the Yogi Free Laptop scheme, the student must have a bonafide of UP.

In Yogi Free Laptop Yojana, 12th pass students of UP, whether it is boy or girl, both can participate.

Students, now you must be thinking how will we apply for Yogi Free Laptop Scheme?

We will help you in this regard. Let us tell you that applying in Yogi Free Laptop Scheme is very easy. Just you have to keep in mind what we have said. And follow these instructions, which we are telling you below. According to these instructions, you can apply in the Yogi Free Laptop Scheme.

Yogi Uttar Pradesh Free Laptop Scheme Online Application

Read the following information carefully. All students can apply online for this. What you need to do for this is first of all-

Click on this link given for Yogi Free Laptop Scheme.

Now read carefully and click on Yogi Free Laptop Scheme Tab.

A forum of qualified free laptop scheme will open in front of you. Read this form carefully and fill all the information carefully after reading it.

But keep in mind while filling the form. None of your information should be wrong. Your name and address phone number should be percentage correct for the 12th digit. If any of these went wrong while filling the form, your form may be canceled.

When all students fill this Yogi free laptop form.

Then you will get an ID and password. All of you have to keep this ID and password.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath Free Laptop Scheme will prove to be very good for the children of UP. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath launched the Free Laptop Scheme in 2018. Under this scheme, all children living in UP will be given laptops for free.

E-Mitra Portal Rajasthan- SSO ID- Know All Details

Features of free laptop available:

All you students must be thinking about what will this laptop be like under Yogi Free Laptop Scheme? So let us tell you that this laptop will be like other laptops but what are the features in it?

First of all, let us tell you that this laptop will be very light.

The processor will be very good so that you can easily enjoy movies like MS Office, Internet. Its RAM will be very good, with hard disk storage will be good.

This laptop will have graphic cards, the screen size of the laptop will be good so that the students work in it easily and battery backup will be good.

This is the initiative of the Chief Minister in the Yogi Free Laptop Scheme to provide good laptops to all the students so that they can help them in their studies. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath Laptop Distribution Scheme is a very good initiative.

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