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10 Small Scale Business Ideas for Housewives in India

Small Scale Business Ideas for Housewives

Are you a Housewive and Looking a Small Scale Business Ideas? then You Come to the Right Place because this article is written just for you. In this Article, we shortlist 10 Business Ideas for Housewives, moms, and ladies who are looking to earn some extra money from home.

Although there are many restrictions for women in our society, but if you want to make your identity among these restrictions, then you can do this work at home also.

These days it is not right to leave home due to Corona virus, so there is a good chance that you do a Work Form Home.

There are many women who have children, because of which she cannot go to work outside the home, then it is very beneficial for those women to do their own business at home and establish their identity.

So if you want to become financial independence while breaking the norms of society, we are here to provide you with business ideas that are fit for mothers and housewives.

Hare are 25 Small Scale Business Ideas for Housewives in India

Small Scale Business Ideas for Housewives
Small Scale Business Ideas for Housewives

1.Start a Food and Beauty Blog

If you are educated and have a passion for writing, then you can start a food and beauty tips blog. Creating a blog is very easy, you can read about how to create a blog and make money from it here.
How do you make a food recipe? You have to write it on your blog and publish it.

2. Start a YouTube Channel

Business Ideas for Housewives in india

YouTube partner program is another one of the best online business opportunities. Which is provided by Google.
If you can tell like cooking, fashion tips, beauty tips etc. through video, then you can make a YouTube channel on that topic.
Here you will create and upload videos, from where you can earn by joining Google Adsense’s advertising program.

3. Music Teacher

Business Ideas for Housewife in india

Housewives who have knowledge of music, they can also start giving music coaching to their children from their home. Apart from this, if someone has a good knowledge of how to draw, then she can also give classes to teach drawing to children. Or if a housewife has knowledge of some kind of art and craft, she can still earn money through this knowledge.

4. Creativity – Based Business Ideas for Housewife

Housewives who know how to apply Mehandi can start the work of applying Mehandi from their home and earn money. Let me tell you that Mehndi is applied in every season, but during the festival season, the demand for Mehandi business becomes very high.

It does not cost any kind to start this business of applying mehndi. However, if you start applying mehndi from your home, then you must get a board attached to this business outside your house. So that people can get to know about your Mehndi business.

5. Interior Designing

If you are interested in interior design and you have taken a course in interior design, then you can also do interior designing business from home and decorate people’s homes and offices.

However, before starting this business, you will have to promote this interior designing business of your own. So that people can get information about this business of yours.

6. Internet-Based Business Ideas for Housewives

If you can do online ticket booking like railway, airplane or pay the bills of electricity, etc. then you can start the task of booking online tickets for people and paying their bills from your home. To start this work, you only need the internet, computer, and printer.

7. Web Designing

Housewives and girls who have taken a course in website designing, if they want, they can do website designing work from their own home. To do the job of website designing, you will have to contact the companies that work to build the website. So that it can give you web designing work.

8. SEO Consulting

With the help of SEO, the web page is brought to the first page in ASRP Results and at present, there are many online companies that are looking for professionals SEO people, so you can start SEO consulting from your home.

To start the SEO consulting business you will need an internet connection and computer. You will also have to create a social media profile page. With the help of which you will be able to share your services, your contact number with people and give them information about your consulting.

9. Freelancer Writer

Many websites require freelance writers, so if you know how to write a good article then you can become a freelance writer. To get the job of a freelance writer, you just have to post your CV online. After which you will get the call of those companies who will need freelancer writers. Money can be made from online freelancing.

you can also post for Freelancer Writer Job by visiting the Facebook page, from where you will start getting writing work.

10. Online Survey

There are many companies that are looking for those people who can survey for their company online from home. So the housewives who are thinking of doing a part-time job sitting at home can do the job of doing the survey. To get this job, they just have to share their bio-data on a site like

Working at survey sites can provide an additional income to housewives. In your spare time, you only make money to share thoughts and opinions, which housewives and mothers generally love. Check for easy money making with online survey sites

The conclusion

If you start any business diligently and diligently, then you can earn money sitting at home in a short time. Also, you try that you start only the business about which you are aware but at the same time you are also interested in that business.