Best Work from Home No Computer Required

6 Best Legit Work from Home Jobs No Computer Needed 2020

Do you know that you can earn money working from home without a computer? It might sound impossible to many but in reality, it’s quite difficult to find such jobs but not impossible.

Yes, there are some legit work from home jobs that don’t require you to work on a computer at all. But, it’s never easy for a beginner to find these jobs with ease. It often takes a bit of time to get the right job.

Hence, in this article we are going to discuss some Legit Work from Home Jobs No Computer Needed. So you can find all of them at one place.

Advantages of Work from Home without a Computer

When we talk about Legit Work from Home Jobs with No Computer Needed then such jobs will surely involve your physical activity. Moreover, there are several benefits of these jobs such as:

  • It will eventually help you in keeping your physical lifestyle healthy and fine.
  • The job will enhance your other hobbies like sewing, cooking, social activities and so on.
  • No computer means no stressful eyes along with no droopy backbone.

Legit Work from Home Jobs with No Computer Needed

1. Online Surveys:

Taking various online surveys is often considered as one to the best ways to earn money online using your smartphone. But, at the same time you need to be well aware about the company you are dealing with.

Your choice plays a vital role because several spam websites are out there to fool you by showing enormous earnings. But, the truth is that surveys don’t come with higher pay rates.

All you can make by taking legit online surveys is enough to pay some bills along with some small expenses at the end of the month. Furthermore, you can also earn some points or maybe some bucks by doing simple daily activities like installing apps, watching videos, referring friends, playing games or shopping online.

2. Babysitting.

if you are a person who loves to spend some time with kids and ready to give in-home childcare services, then babysitting jobs are a great fit for you.

But, you will have to go through a standard procedure and maintain related documents in order to start your own childcare center.

As a babysitter you can work on your own terms and maintain a unique procedure. Just try to match your lifestyle to your job and let your work make wonders for you.

3. Selling Baked Goods.

If you ever feel like your passion for baking is just getting limited to the four walls, then it’s the time to make the four walls get money for you from your passion of baking.

You can start selling your baked goods such as cakes, cookies, pies and so on in your surroundings first to get yourself introduced in the market. And, later you can expand your reach once gain popularity. But make sure to check with your country if the state needs any documentation to be processed to expand your business. Because, some places have some food laws that do not permit your home kitchen to be a part of the market.

If you have gone through this process then you can easily find customers who can give a boost for your homemade cookies, cakes, pies and doughnuts.

Moreover, this is a great Work from Home Opportunity with no Computer required. And you can make a significant amount of money by following your passion.

4. Flip Items

Maybe this technique of making money online will make you stare at the screen for a longer time. But, you can easily practice this job through your smartphone as well.

Moreover, this procedure of flipping items has helped many people to make a living working from the comfort of their home. There are numerous people who have earned their fortune through this profession.

All you need is a good smartphone, where you can upload your products on multiple sites. Then waiting for the potential clients to jump in is the only task you have to do.

Moreover, you must keep in mind to declutter things else you will eventually end up with a lot of useless products at your place.

Additionally, you can enroll yourself at numerous sites including Facebook, Craigslist, Etsy, Amazon and so on to sell your products. Furthermore, you can also participate in various auctions or garage sales or thrift stores to pick your target.

Hence, it is considered as one of the best Legit Work from Home Jobs with No Computer Needed.

5. Sell Handcrafted Materials.

Converting your artistic skills into your profession is a special technique of making money through handcrafted goods. You can make anything of your choice from the basic pot scrubbers to any specialised types of equipment.

And make sure that you build up an innovative product of specialised material and introduce it in the market at a feasible price. Like this your product can stand out of the competition as there’s a huge market and high demand for such products.

Moreover, it becomes very important to make some research in your market and check your surroundings for product sales as well.

There are various websites including Craigslist or Etsy where you can make money through this.

You just have to get enrolled in some of these websites and upload pictures of the products along with the rate list.

6. Pet Care.

Pet Caring another popular Work from Home Without a Computer. And the best thing about this job is that you can play with the pets.

Many people have this zeal to get a pet at home but only few of them have a clear idea of handing them in the correct way.

This can include various tasks such as their vaccination, nursing procedures, bathing procedures, their training sessions for pooping and urination along with making them understand the vocabulary.

Hence, this job surely requires specific training along with certificates to get enrolled as per caretaker.

Moreover, you can make around $60,000-$70,000 annually as a pet caretaker which is a pretty good amount to live a decent lifestyle in the United States.

Challenges of Legit Work from Home Jobs with No Computer Needed

As we have seen the list of Work from Home without a Computer, is it right to take when you are not interested in working with a computer.

However, if you feel that purchasing a computer is a waste of money, then you may probably end up losing more money and missing a lot many opportunities. Here are some challenges of Legit Work from Home Jobs With No Computer Needed.

  • Limited Opportunities
  • Limited earnings with usually lesser pay rates.
  • Working on a smartphone or tablet is more time-consuming.
  • You cannot expect full-time earnings as the opportunities are temporary.
  • No personal identity
  • You might feel bored sometimes.

Concluding Thoughts

So, here was the complete list of Legit Work from Home with No Computer Required along with its benefits and challenges. Moreover, these are the work from jobs that anyone can practice without a Computer.

I hope this article will help you find some legit sources or websites to start working and making money online.

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