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PM Kusum Yojana 2020 : Online Application, Know Full Details

PM Kusum Yojana 2020: – As you, all know that most of the population of India depends on agriculture. Keeping this in mind, the government has re-launched the Kusum Yojana 2020. All of you must know that there has been a miserable condition of farmers in India. If there is a drought in a state, then the farmers lack the means of irrigation, which spoils the crops and the loan from the farmer’s bank It is unable to repay it, due to which farmers commit suicide, some farmer in the country commits suicide every day. Keeping in mind this problem and to solve it, the government had announced the Kusum scheme by the former Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in the 2019 budget. For which a provision of Rs 34,422 crore was made.

Kusum Yojana 2020

Now in the budget of 2020-21, the new Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman implemented this scheme. Presenting his budget, he said that 20 lakh farmers will be given the facility of solar panels, and 15 lakh farmers will be provided funds to install grid-connected solar pumps, which will also create additional power from these solar pumps so that farmers will get double this. The farmer will be able to sell that electricity to the government, this will give him additional income.

Farmers on behalf of the government to install solar panels under Kusum Yojana (PM Kusum Yojana) They will be given 60% financial assistance from the central government and the bank will provide 30% loan assistance and only the farmer will have to pay 10%. Kusum Yojana will be beneficial for those farmers where the state will be drought-affected and where there is a problem of electricity. By installing solar plants, electricity will be available for 24 hours.

The additional electricity that will be generated from the solar panel, the farmer can sell that electricity to the government or non-government electricity departments, from where the farmer can get help of Rs 6000 for 1 month. If interested beneficiaries want to take advantage of this scheme, then read this article completely and if you are a farmer, then apply your application in Kusum Yojana and keep in mind its registration in its official website only if you have registered on another website So you may be harmed, so please register yourself on the official website and contact the Ministry of Renewable Energy for more information. ।

Purpose of Kusum Yojana

  • By installing solar panels, farmers will get electricity for free of cost.
  • Under Kusum scheme, by 2022, 3 crore pumps have been set to run on electricity instead of diesel and solar energy.
  • Farmers will have to pay only 10% in this scheme.
  • A solar panel of 1 MW capacity will generate about 11 lakh units of electricity in a year.
  • In this scheme, the government will take a loan of 45 thousand crores from the bank, and the central government will contribute Rs 48 thousand crores, and the state government will contribute the same amount.
  • The pumps which are running with diesel or running with electricity will be arranged to run with solar energy so that the consumption of diesel and electricity is small.
  • 17.5 lakh agricultural solar pumps will be provided under this scheme.
  • If you are registered, then the beneficiary will start a solar panel in your land within 90 to 120 days.

PM Balika Anudan Yojana 2020: Requirement, Eligibility, Application

Benefits of Kusum Yojana

Whatever solar panels will be installed under Kusum Yojana, they will be installed in the barren land, so that the wasteland will also be used, and income will be obtained from the barren land.

The farmer will get income from this scheme.

Farmers can be prevented from committing suicide.

Farmers will have to pay only 10% of the rest, 60% of the government will get it. 30% of the bank will provide share in the form of loans to the farmers.

Solar energy will get a big boost from the Kusum scheme.

It will save electricity.

The solar panel will generate electricity, farmers will also be able to use that electricity in their home.

This scheme is giving farmers a chance to earn 80,000 rupees per year.

This plan will also not have any side effects on the environment. The scheme will save 27 million tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Farmers can also grow vegetables under the solar panel or can also grow small crops.

The solar panel will generate additional power.

Eligibility for Kusum Yojana

  • It is necessary to have an Aadhaar card.
  • The beneficiary should be the only a farmer.
  • A bank account is mandatory.

Kusum Yojana 2020 online application documents

  • Income certificate
  • Permanent certificate
  • Mobile number
  • Role Description
  • Aadhar Card
  • Passport size photo
  • Your account passbook
  • Online application in Kusum Yojana 2020

If you also want to become a beneficiary of this scheme, then follow the procedure given by us, remember that these schemes are only for farmers, only farmers can do this application.

First of all, the applicant has to go to the official website of Kusum Yojana, after opening the website, a home page will open in front of you.

In which you have to click on apply for Kusum Yojana.

After clicking on the Kusum Yojana, another page will open which will be like this: In this registration form, the applicant has to fill the information asked for his name, permanent address, Aadhaar, passbook number, mobile number, etc.

After filling all the information, click on the submit button.

After registration, the beneficiary is directed to deposit 10% of the cost of the solar pump to the suppliers by the department.

How to see names in Kusum Yojana 2020

If you have made your application in Kusum Yojana, then if you want to see your name in the application list, first of all, you have to go to the official website of Kusum Yojana.

After that, your page will open like this

After this, you will see an option below

After that, your page will open like this

After this, you will see an option below

Clicking on the list of registered applications for Kusum will open your second page.

After that, an option will come up by selecting above.

After that, you have to fill your name in it and click on search.

After this, you will get a list of your name

Some questions related to Kusum Yojana and their answers

What is Kusum Yojana?

Under the Kusum Yojana, the government is providing solar panel to the farmers, which will help the farmers to irrigate, which is a dry state where there is a scarcity of water, those farmers are going to benefit greatly from it.

Who will be the beneficiaries for Kusum Yojana?

The beneficiaries of Kusum Yojana will be the farmers of the country, this scheme has been run only for the farmers. No other person can avail the benefit of this scheme.

What benefits will be provided to the farmers under the Kusum Yojana?

This scheme has been run only for the benefit of the farmers, in this scheme the pathetic condition of the farmer can be improved and the farmers are prevented from committing suicide.

1. The income of farmers will be doubled.

2. Wastelands of farmers will be used and whatever additional electricity will be made in it, farmers can also sell that electricity to the government.

3. Farmers will have to pay only 10%.

4. It is a special way to save the crop of the farmers of the state who are facing drought.

Which government has run the Kusum scheme?

This scheme is run by the Central Government.

How much budget has been prepared for this plan?

A budget of 10,000 crores has been prepared for this scheme and this plan has been kept for a period of up to 10 years.

How much electricity can a farmer generate in 1 year by applying solar panels?

If the farmer puts 1 mega watt solar panel in his 5 acres of land, then the grid or electricity companies will be given 30 paise per unit and 1 mega watt solar panel generates 11 lakh units of electricity. And if the farmer sends the remaining part of this electricity also, then the farmer will get a benefit of Rs 80,000 annually.

How to apply for Kusum Yojana?

To apply in Kusum Yojana, you have to go through the following process-

1. First of all, go to its official website and click.

2. After that there will be an option to apply in Kusum Yojana, the applicant has to click in it and a form will open in which you have to give your complete information like name, address, Aadhaar card, income proof, mobile number, account number, ration card.  Fill whatever information will be asked, number etc. and click on the submit button.

3. After registration, you will be informed by the department and you will have to pay 10% for this scheme.

4. Fill the requested information correctly. If you filled anything wrong information in this form, then you will not be a beneficiary of this scheme.



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