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Indian Bank Balance Check – Types of Balance Enquiry, Missed call, and customer care number

How to check Indian bank balance

There are some important steps for the information of your bank accounts, from which you can easily know the details of the accounts. First of all, your own mobile number with the bank that you do with it, it is necessary to register.

These are all the ways by which we can easily check our deposits with the service of SMS, through missed calls, using ATMs, online banking and mobile apps. It is very important for savings to account holders to keep complete information about their accounts. This shows how much is spent and how much is saved. Even any kind of fraud is prevented.

Indian banks give all their customers some options through which complete information about their bank account is available. This option is as follows.

Services to use to check Indian bank balance

Checking the amount of Indian Bank through SMS service

This facility is not for customers who do not have internet nor do they have online banking. In such a situation, customers can check their balance through SMS.

To get this facility, the mobile number you use has to be entered in your home branch through the SMS banking application form and then the MPIN number is taken once from there and when it is found, your mobile number is registered.  It gets confirmed.

This service is used as follows –

  • Register your mobile number with the Indian bank branch where you have an account.
  • Get MPIN number when a number is registered
  • To obtain your account information SMS Indian Bank on 94443-94443.
  • On the request received from you, Indian Bank informs you about your account.
  • Through this facility, customers can not only get the remaining amount but also the mini statement, any kind of check issued and the status of that check through SMS.

Even your account information through missed call

Mobile is also required to be registered with the account to get information through missed call. After that, you can get your account information using the missed call service.

Use this service according to the information given below. The step is as follows –

  • First of all, the customer has to register his mobile number with his account.
  • On registering the number, you can get information by giving a missed call on 09289592895 to get your balance information.
  • Shortly after making a missed call, the customer is sent an SMS of the balance in their bank account as soon as the bank receives the request.

Knowing the balance of Indian bank account through online banking

Customers, who have an account in Internet Banking in Indian Bank, follow the steps given below for their account information –

  • First, click on the online banking portal of your Indian Bank.
  • On its main page, click on the ‘Personal Banking’ option and select.
  • The account holder must use his name and a password to access his account.
  • Accept consent to all the terms and conditions set by the bank.
  • Once logged in, click on the have accounts tab on the left side of the screen.
  • As soon as you do these steps, you will see the balance in your account. Click on the ‘Details’ option to get information about your recent transactions.

To know the Indian bank account balance through the mobile app

For this, the Indian bank customer has to follow the below-mentioned steps. The customer is required to download the IndPay mobile app and registration is very mandatory.

  • The user must keep a name and a password,  by which logging into your IndPay mobile banking app.
  • To proceed in the app, they have to agree to all their agreed terms and conditions.
  • Once logged in, click on ‘Accounts’.
  • As soon as accounts are clicked, this app will show your account balance. You can get complete detailed information on your account through the detailed description.

Knowing Indian bank account balance through ATM

Indian Bank customers can get their account information at any ATM of their choice. For this facility, the customer has to follow some steps as follows –

  • Go to your nearest ATM for your account information.
  • After this, enter the debit card given by your Indian bank in the ATM.
  • Click on the ‘Balance Inquiry’ option.
  • After this, the ATM will show the balance in your account.

Indian bank missed call inquiry Number

In case of information on Indian bank accounts, the balance inquiry number is 09289592895 through a missed call. For this, the number has to be registered with your account.

  • Dial the number 09289592895 from your registered mobile number.
  • After a few rings at this number, the call itself disconnects.
  • There is no call fee for making this call, so the customer does not have to worry about it.
  • after some time your call will be disconnected, an SMS will come from the bank’s service which will contain your account information.
  • An SMS with account balance details will be sent by the Indian bank to the customer’s registered mobile number.

Important information about missed call facility

Checking the balance through a missed call is a simple process. This is a truly easy route for Indian bank customers. But for this service, the customer has to register his mobile number with the bank. This service will give you the correct information only when your mobile number is registered with your bank account.

If you have already registered the mobile number with your bank, then you can call the missed call number. But if you have not registered your number yet, then contact your home branch today and register your number with your account.

Phone banking method

Apart from making missed calls, there is another way through which one can get account balance details, check status etc. A toll free number is used for this. This is called “Phone banking” service.

  • For this, contact your bank and fill the phone banking form.
  • After filling the form correctly, submit it to the branch of your bank.
  • If you have filled all the details correctly, then after 7 working days you will receive a T PIN.
  • T PIN mainly means Tele Banking Personal Identification Number.
  • It is very important to always keep this PIN private.
  • This PIN number helps the customer and is very useful during all future telebanking activities.

Step to check balance through phone banking or toll-free number

  • On successful registration in phone banking, the customer can use the toll-free number – 180042500000.
  • When the call is connected, the IVR system will ask the customer to state or enter their CIF (Customer Identification Number) number.
  • Upon dialing the correct CIF number, the IVR system will query various options (such as balance inquiry, check status, etc.).
  • The customer has to select the options asked and press the number key accordingly.
  • As soon as he presses the key information according to the options will be received.

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