how to make money on mechanical turk

How To Make Money On Amazon Mechanical Turk : A Guide To Making An Income In A Week Or Less Online

How to make money on mechanical turk :  Hundreds of millions of people around the world have a desire to work from home. Although only a few of them succeed in achieving their goals.

What are the causes of failure?

There are many reasons for this, but the main reasons for this can be two reasons. The first reason for failing is that they can not find genuine work from home job online, a legit job that gives you the opportunity to earn good returns every month and year by year, they can not find any of them.

The second reason for failure is that if they find a genuine job they can’t do it because they need some kind of skills to do that work which they do not have. For example – blogging and affiliate marketing.

You do not need to be frustrated because we have brought this article to solve your problem.

If you are really looking for a legit online job you can make and earn money from it, then Amazon Mechanical Turk (mTurk) is a good option.

To learn about it in detail, read this article till the end how you can do it.

how to make money on mechanical turk

What is Amazon mTurk?

Amazon Mechanical Turk or mTurk is a platform provided by Amazon to Common people like us to make some extra income. mTurk offers various types of micro Jobs to people like us.

The mTurk jobs can be done by home wearing bunny sleepers, boxer shorts etc.

No matter where you live. You can do your work online on a laptop or computer, and you can get paid by submit your work. Everything here is online.

Amazon is the parent company of mTurk . Millions of people around the world trust mTurk because they get paid full payment on time.

How Does it Work?

Firstly understanding the whole process of mTurk is very important. I will keep it simple, Amazon mTurk is just confused between the requesters and workers.

Requesters: – The requesters are those who are going to provide you the work, and instead they are going to pay you. They may be corporations, business owners, educational research institutes or individuals.

Workers: – Workers are people like you who submit their work by fulfilling the tasks given by the requesters on time.

Requesters are allowed to accept or reject the tasks you completed.

Amazon just brings these two categories together.

How to sign up for amazon mechanical turk Entire process

mTurk’s signup process is very easy, all you have to do is choose a username and password and your account is ready.

But still you can not start working on mTurk because your application is under review that you can work or not. But I can honestly say here that every one of you can become a mTurker.

You can signing up by clicking on mTurk

After signing up, Amazon can also reject your application without any specific reason, in fact, most applicants are turned down by Amazon.

This information will send you an email that your application has been accepted or rejected and Amazon has no reason to give you.

If you are lucky then your application can be accepted, and if rejected, try again after a few days.

How do You Get Started?

Amazon mTurk is a very serious business. Here once you are accepted to work as an employee, then you are required to provide important information, driver license and other utility bill other important information. If you are not from the US, then you can fill the W8-BEN form and send it to mTurk.

To make money, you need HIT or Human Intelligence task. Please do not report by HIT.

Every work or piece of work is known as HIT. Millions of HITs are available at any time. But you can not start working directly at HIT because you have to pass the qualification test.

A Requester will only allow you to take HITs when you will receive Qualification for it.

Mturk worker qualifications

How much you can earn with mTurk, Qualification is its most important influential factor. As a beginner you will have to qualify for HITs, when you complete it, you will pay only one cent ($ 0.01).

A qualification is basically a test that Amazon or Requesters gives you. For beginners, these tests are simple exercises such as resolving captcha, filling out forms or other data entry work.

There are many qualifying tests for different types of requesters. If you want to Complete certain amount of HITs  everyday, then you have to clear the internal qualification for a specific opponent.

Later in this article, you will learn why Qualifications are important if you want to complete HITs and pay more than $ 0.01.

Missing HITs – Expiration Time

As a beginner you have to be very careful with the HITs. A given HIT can end in only 3 minutes. Once you accept the HIT and the time given to complete the HIT is only 3 minutes then you have to work and have to Submit it in the given time frame.

When you accept HIT, your time starts from that moment. The completion period can be 3 minutes, 20 minutes, one hour, a day, or a few weeks.

If you feel that you can not finish the HIT within the given time range, then it is recommended that you first know about HIT and then click the accept button. Always keep your timer on. An expired hit is a lost opportunity.

If your expiration rate is high then you can not qualify for HITs who pays you more.

Sailing Through the Probation Period

I said earlier in this article that Amazon Mechanical Turk is a serious business. After accepting HITs, beginners are kept on probation. Probation can take up to 10 days. New mTurkers are allowed to take only 100 HITs per day for the next 10 working days.

New Turkers should choose their HITs carefully so that they have no problem completing and Submit them on time. Please carefully review your HITs before working for a new requester.

You need to concentrate on building numbers, HITs per day safely. If Amazon finds anything wrong with your HITs like the accuracy rate or expiry date, they can immediately terminate your account. So be careful during the probation period.

3 Major Types of HITs

During the probation period, choosing a right type of HITs as a new Turker can be a little difficult. Usually, HITs can be classified into 3 categories at mTurk.

  1. Data Entry Jobs: – Data Entry Jobs is like filling Captcha forms, converting jpeg files into word document, categorizing videos, copy paste work etc.
  2. Surveys: – You must complete surveys according to the demand of your requesters.
  3. Transcription jobs: – You have to listen to a video or audio and write down the thing mentioned in it.

For a beginner, I suggest focus on easy data entry jobs such as filling captchas. You get paid to listen to audio. If you choose HITs smartly, you can easily make 5 cents to 10 cents.

I would recommend that new Turkers should be avoided from survey HITs as they require more eligibility.

Choosing HITs: Beginners

I am going to dedicate this and the next paragraph to you to choose HITs. More than one million HITs are available for workers at any given time.

Any newbie can not understand which one to choose and who to leave.

You have to choose HITs that are easy and that can be done quickly, easy to be approved by requesters, but they pay you well.

You can begin sorting HITs according to the parameters like reward, construction date, end date and allotted time.

Choose HITs that are one and twos, you pay 5-10 cents per HIT, and the allotted time is at least 15 minutes.

Finding HITs: Advanced Users

If you are an advanced mTurke then you have to use different scripts to find daily HITs.

For this, you can download and install the Turkopticon script from the Google Apps store. It’s just an extension. After installing this script, you can find out which HITs you are taking.

Download Turkopticon for Firefox from here

Download Turkopticon for Chrome from here

You can choose HITs based on factors like communication, rewards, generosity, fairness, shown by Requester. Out of 100 they give marks for each of 4 factors. You have to choose HITs from requesters who have more than 90% rating for all these 4 factors.

You can join forums and Facebook to learn about the best HITs from mTurk community.

How much money do you make from Mturk?

paragraph. If I tell you that you can earn up to $ 30 to $ 40 a week, then you may Stop reading this article.

But if you really want to earn $ 500 or more per week then you need to know more about the script to increase your efficiency and productivity.

Scripts: Essentials Tools to Get Most Profitable HITs

There are many benefits to using Scripts In addition to increasing their efficiency and productivity scripts, the worker helps learn more about requesters and various types of quality HITs.

You can easily share your work summary or report card to requesters. It helps track the progress of your goal, predict the approval rating and change the approach of HIT.

Knowledge of various scripts differentiates between a serious mTurker and a non-serious mTurker. The more you know about the script more the money you make. You do not have to type anything to save your time.

You can not make $ 100 – $ 500 per week without using certain scripts. Startup people like Turkopticon and also for advanced users like Scrapper, PANDA etc. Scripts are very important.

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