How to Install amazon Mturk Scripts

How to Install Amazon mTurk Scripts? For Succesful Amazon MTurk Tips and Tricks

There are many benefits to using Scripts In addition to increasing their efficiency and productivity scripts, the worker helps learn more about requesters and various types of quality HITs.

You can easily share your work summary or report card to requesters. It helps track the progress of your goal, predict the approval rating, and change the approach of HIT.

Knowledge of various scripts differentiates between a serious mTurker and a non-serious mTurker. The more you know about the script more the money you make. You do not have to type anything to save your time.

You can not make $ 100 – $ 500 per week without using certain scripts. Startup people like Turkopticon and also for advanced users like Scrapper, PANDA, etc. Scripts are very important.

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How to Install amazon Mturk Scripts

How to Install Amazon mTruk Scripts?

I do not think installing scripts is hard work. But even if you are a new Turker, then you would definitely like to read this article.

If you are using Google Chrome, then you first need to install Tampermonkey Scripts. You can do Keyword Searches on Google and download extensions. Tampermonkey helps in organizing scripts based on the you use browser.

If you use the Firefox browser, you have to install Greasemonkey. This software are embedded in your mTurk account. And to increase the efficiency you give all the information you need. They completely change your dashboard.

If you want more software go to Greasy Fork.

Must-Have Scripts

Greasy Fork is a store of extensions/software for not just mTurk but for many other platforms. However for now we are only worried about mturk’s required extensions.

Some of the most important scripts for mTurk are the following.

1. Actually HIT Scrapper and Panda are number one in the Crazy list but we will talk further about them in detail.

2. Turk Master: – Turk Master is best to accept HITs.

3. SET Master: – Enables Y or N of approved HITs.

4. Zoltar: – This eliminates the option of scrolling in placeable clickable format and places. It saves a lot of time.

6. Zing: – This compares to receipt.

7. A9: – Allows the use of multiple keys with different options.

8. Bark Engineering: – It is related to the number for each option, and clicks the tax.

9. Turk Opticon: – Allows you to view summary data with mTurk.

10. Jeff Lind: – Compresses the repetitive instructions, the cursor does much more in the placement.

11. MTurk HIT Database Mk II: – It tracks completed HITs.

12. MTurk Confirm Return HIT: – Helps prevent accidental returns.

13. MTurk Dashboard: – Today’s estimated earnings combine the best and worst-case scenario, today’s bonuses, goals, etc.

14. HIT Scraper with Export: – Helps to find slow HITs.

15. Facebook HITs Export: – To Share HITs on Facebook.

16. mmmTurkeyBacon Queue Order Fix: – Reorder queue, does not cause any Google requester issue.

17. mmmTurkeyBacon Scroll to Workspace: – Clearly reduces scrolling.

There are also some other people you can see in Greasy Fork.

HIT Scrapper

As I said earlier, we are going to talk about HIT Scrapper and PANDA crazy in Detail.

HIT Scrapper is one of the most used scripts by mTurkers. Some of the most common utilities of HIT Scrappers are

1. HITs, You want to work on a regular basis.

2. It can scrape 8 to 10 pages.

3. If pages are hidden due to Blocks, more pages will be displayed.

4. The results per page are 100.

5. Masters and Non-Masters are both Le Hits.

6. Choose HITs with the Minimum reward of $ .50.

7.Highlights on the New HITs

8. Displays the Minimum Batch Size for Surveys.

9. Hide incomplete HITs like unqualified HITs.

10. You can skip drag opticon data.

11. You can search like variables like a reward, minimum wage, etc.

12. New HIT sends Chime or Beep in the moment of arrival.

13.Hide Hidden Hide and Block Requesters

14. Include Listings and Highlights.

15. You can drag HITs from the database of the last 45 days.


The second most important script is PANDA Crazy.

PANDA link helps to snatch those HITs in front of other people. Use the refresh button, you can use the Add-ons for grabbing automatically refreshing and HITs.

PANDA helps to preview and accept Crazy HITs automatically in the queue. So you do not need to click the Approval button. It captures great HITs that you want to accomplish.

Normal link only allows acceptance of HIT and SKIP HIT functionality but allows PANDA Crazy HITs, Return HIT to be deposited. PANDA Crazy is very useful because HITs are going quickly.

You can Create Panda by downloading them from Greasy Fork, giving them names, and scheduling the intervals for which you want to check and Auto Accept HITs.

First Milestone: 500 HITs per Week

Up to now, you will give a clear picture of Amazon MTurk.

How does mTurk work? What do you have to do as a worker? How much effort do you have to make? e.t.c

But the challenge for the new mTurker is to achieve 500 HITs. Once you are done with your probation period, you must complete at least 500 HITs per week.

You need to raise your rewards. $ 0.01 is not enough to get you at least $ 0.05 or $ 0.1 per HIT. So I advise you to daily surveys. This is the best.

Maintaining Higher Approval Ratings

As a beginner, you want to maintain higher approval ratings. In this way, you are going to get quality HITs. So to get better high paying tasks qualifying, do not make any mistake at the beginning.

Otherwise, it will take a thousand HITs to complete and even get back. You must ensure that your acceptance rating is 100% closer. There is no margin for errors.

Focus on what the requestors are asking.

Second Milestone: 1000 HITs per Week

To achieve the second milestone 1000 HITs. You can not reach 1000 HITs in a day unless you realize the importance of the scripts mentioned earlier in this article. You have to set a goal that you will earn $ 10 to $ 15 a week.

You have to start taking transcription HITs where you listen to a video or audio and write it in a word document.

Third Milestone: 5000 HITs per Week

The third milestone of 5000 HIT’s can not be achieved until qualifying for the masters. Once you reach 5000 HITs you will be making more than $ 250 per week.

But in a week you have to work hard to reach a milestone of 5,000 HITs. By the time you reach 5000 HITs, you have learned so many things about mTurker.

Master’s Qualification

Here’s how you can get a masters’ qualification. Amazon analyzes that all mTurk masters can become. This technique analyzes the worker’s performance and high-performance workers.

After monitoring their performance over time and excellence on the wide range of HITs, it gives the award to the worker with a master’s qualification.

Requesters can make their calls, make tests, and monitor their employees.

To obtain Masters, you must complete your HITs on time, maintain high approval ratings, and avoid blocks from requesters.

Some benefits of being a master worker are that you do not get any captchas and the availability of work increases all the time.

Connecting with the Requesters

Joining the requesters for a serious mTurker is very important. As a worker, You need to determine which requester you want to work for and to avoid this.

For clarification on HIT instructions, you need to contact the requesters. You can also ask for bonus rewards. If there are broken HITs that you are unable to complete then you will have to reach the requesters with your worker ID. You can dispute rejection asking why I am rejected and ask for reimbursement for imposing qualifications

You can click on the name of the requesters and you can fill the comment box and hit submit. The response from the requester will come to your email.

MTurk Payments

You get paid via Amazon gift card or Bank transfer. You must have given SSN and address proof.

Once HITs are approved, it will go to “Pending Payment” and then to “Paid”.

You will see Funds on the dashboard balance. A balance should be transferred to Amazon Payment on your Amazon shopping account. It takes 24 hours to transfer.


Always transfer your money every week. If your account is terminated in an event, then your entire money will be lost. So it is strongly advised that you withdraw your money every week because you can not afford to take risks.

Start mTurking now!

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