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15 Best Highest Paying Jobs in India After 12th in 2020

Best Highest Paying Jobs in India After 12th

In the scenario of searching the highest paying jobs once after you have completed the 12th, some professions are lucrative both in terms of monitoring and experience. Due to certain recessions through many decades, education that was on full-fledge certainly payback which is the promising factor among the people. Choosing the right job and profession that pays decently for the efforts you have put over a long period is difficult. Here are the lists of the highest paying jobs in India after 12th.

Highest Paying Jobs in India After 12th in 2020

We have also screened some professions that have faced market downfall and recessions and still listed top as the highest paid jobs in India.

#1. Merchant Navy

Merchant Navy is one of the demanding professions among the students as it has compensated well in terms of monetary aspect. Coming to the payment, it is quite an attractive factor for those who are joining the merchant navy profession. However, the joining level positions are paid very less when compared to those of the ground level staff, but this can be compensated once you have gained certain experience and the compensation is rewarded.

Another factor for joining the Navy as a profession is that one has to make sure that you are fit in terms of health, physical factors and need to prepare them mentally to stay on-board for 6-9 months. The only company around them would be a deep blue sea and task and this might be the reason that the merchant navy is one of the highest salary jobs in India. Moreover, the most attractive part of this job is that it is tax-free and the positions including cadet, chief engineer, chef, radio officer, etc. can be chosen in this field of profession.

There are few courses to study after 12th to enter into the Merchant navy profession and the salary ranges from Rs. 12,000 – Rs. 8,00,000 pm.

#2. Civil Services

Civil services are considered to be one of the most prestigious professions in India. The job not only offers the highest paid jobs in India but also provides job security to the people opting for it. The profession also gives value to the outlook of the people who are into the civil service. Three services can be chosen in this field including – IAS – Indian Administrative Services, IPS – Indian Police Services, and IFS – Indian Foreign Services. Numerous aspirants appear for the civil service exams after their 12th every year and many of them are selected for serving the country.

The above jobs come with considerable powers to the person including maintaining law and order, the power to develop policies and to implement them, uplifting the society with terms and conditions, representation of our country on the foreign landscape, and finally with other administrative powers of the nation. At present, Civil services are the highest paid jobs in India and thus flock of people write exams after their studies to enter into it.

The maximum qualification eligibility for entering the civil services is minimum graduation and salary ranges from Rs. 56,000 to Rs. 2,50,000 that includes the house rent, allowances such as travel and clearance, etc.

#3. Medical professionals

Doctors are known to the mint enormous amount of money. They can work in private hospitals and also in government hospitals which comes with a lot of responsibilities and ownership qualities in many cases. The doctor profession or any other medical professional means running the show alone by maintaining the salaries and clinical works.

Depending upon their specialization in the field of medicine, they draw a rewarding amount of salaries both in public or private hospitals. As these experts and specialists bring value to the organization they are into, these hospitals hiring or appointing doctors to pay them handsomely well.

The eligibility criteria for the doctor professional are studies at good medical colleges. Before which you might be required to take many examinations and clear them to get selected among the top universities with good medical facilities to learn.

Salaries ranges based on the sector they work in like Government and private sector which falls under the range from minimum Rs. 25, 000 /m to no limit in the private sector.

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#4. IT professionals

Various IT fields arise to change the phase of software development in India. India has lured many IT professionals and stands top IT service providers across the globe. The IT professional changes often and thus this technology deserves the versatile professionals who can withstand the ride of the wave that keeps changing and thus they are the highest paying jobs in India. Some of the posts include information systems security, data security, cloud engineer, etc.

Qualification required to enter into the profession is to have a degree at well-known universities with a good reputation and campus recruitment options where they promise a challenging salary. Salary for the professionals ranges from 7 lacs to 50 lacks based on their experience and talents.

#5. Engineering

Engineering is the highest paid job in India and it is the degree that is needed as an essential qualification. There are many fields in engineering including mechanical, instrumentation, electronics & technology, computer engineering, chemical, civil for two years. Other new technologies have emerged recently including Genetic Engineering, biotechnology engineering, aerospace engineering, and agricultural IT are highly promising professions where people get handsome compensation.

The degree in reputed university brings all the compensation to you and the salary ranges from Rs. 30, 000 and 2 lacs pm.

#6. Company Accountant

Chartered accountant drives on the financial forefront and the professional would be the need of the time for all businesses. They don’t easily get the best salaries and they have to clear exams after they finished their high school education. CA’s who cleared the exams during their first attempt are the most welcomed and thus compensate best in the industry. The course for CA doesn’t end with specialized qualification but added course for 3 years is necessary for them to certify as CA. The basic requirement for getting into the job is to have a minimum of 60% graduate in commerce stream. They get the highest paid jobs in India ranging from starting Rs. 7 lacs to 70 lacs per year.

#7. Company Secretary

  The company secretaries serve as the backbone to the company as they take in charge of the administrative policies, smoothing functions inside the company, implementations of the new rules, statutory compliances, and handling the board members by arranging meetings. They play a vital role among the Board of Directors and helps in the effective function of the company and thus there is a considerable demand for this post in almost all the companies both in the business and market aspect. The salary is based on the handling talents and proportional to the responsibility taken at hand inside the company. The minimum qualification for applying this post is 12th. Monthly salary ranges from Rs. 30,000 to 1.5 lacs per month.

#8. Management consultants

            The consultants are MBA graduates from reputed universities or any kind of senior professional who can offer business consultation using their experiences. They associate with the management of the company and offer advice or they work in private as a consultant. They take the responsibility of changing the company according to the market trends for the successful functioning of the company. And thus the professionals are paid highly based on the growth of the company. The qualification is achieved by doing an MBA course in reputed universities and they have the monthly payment range from Rs. 45, 000 to a couple of lacs per month.

#9. Lawyer

Lawyers are best at handling situations you are in and they save from all the legal obligations. This is an evergreen profession that remains for long years as they run into any legal matters or ready to offer legal advice either personally or to the business aspect. Though they charge a lot, they make sure you are out of all legal mess. There are many classifications under this stream including criminal, labor, corporate, civil litigation, etc. The minimum qualification is 12th and they should do the BA LLB course for 3 years after graduation. The minimum salary starts from Rs. 13 lacks per annum.

#10. Aviation services

The aviation services include flying jobs with airlines and based on the nature of their work, pilots are paid high. The profession has more responsibility based that arises with the job nature and working round the clock makes this difficult one to choose. The pilot has to invest an amount for qualifying himself and to get the proper license. One has to have almost 200 hours of flying experience before he or she is qualified as a pilot. The minimum qualification criteria are 12th pass with the height measurement of 152 cm according to the standards and the salary ranges from 3 lacs to 8 lacs per month.

#11. Architects

The architects’ updates with the latest trends and models for building the infrastructure and they come with creative designs every time. Hence they are always in high demand and paid higher. The main responsibility of this job is to provide a plan, design, and structure for the clients. They involve in developing countries where the government works on building Malls, Apartments, Hospitals, and Hotels. If their designs are unique they are demandable in the market. The minimum qualification is to finish 12th and to do the course of MBA architecture in a renowned university.

#12. Fashion designer

This profession has also been considered as the highest paid jobs in India as people these days compromise with many things around but not on the attire and looks. This is the perfect job for those who are creative minds and thus can post your skills on the best platform from the person to the film industry. The income depends on the skills.

#13. Tutor

The tutor is the profession where people are good at explaining things in a much better way. As both the parents are working these days, there is a demanding need of the tutor for better teaching of their children and help them with their academics. And this scenario makes the job so demanding in the market and thus they are paid high. There needs a minimum qualification to enter into this profession and the salary packages vary accordingly.

#14. BPO       

BPO – Business Process Outsourcing and is the most flourishing sector these days and thousands of freshers get a job in this stream. Professions get paid during the training period which is the best part. The profession has quick promotions and thus the growth in the stream is fast. Several training and courses are necessary to undergo after 12th to enter into the stream. The salary starts from Rs. 12, 000 to lacs per month.

#15. Data Entry Operator

Some private companies open this post and the basic requirement for the person is the good typing skills and knowledge on the computer, MS office, database, software, etc. They should also have some grammar skills. The salary ranges from a minimum of Rs. 10, 000 to Rs. 15, 000 per month.