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Best Freelance Content Writing Jobs Pays $15-$30 per Hour

freelance writing jobs online

Freelance Content Writing Jobs: Anyone who has gone to school will definitely know how to read and write. Thanks to the internet, if you are able to write well then freelance writing jobs are available online. While at least your educational qualifications, the art of playing with words can only give you online writing jobs. Such writing jobs are very well paid, so you can earn Earn Money quickly.

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freelance writing jobs online

Why does freelance writing jobs online?

There are many reasons for doing online writing. First of all, jobs are easily available here. You do not need to be present for any type of application or interview here.

Online writing jobs usually include very simple tests, they are also available online. Apart from this, you can work whenever and wherever you want.

You do not have to pay any kind of joining fee to work here. A simple online search will reveal thousands of such online writing jobs.

How Many Types of freelance writing jobs online and payment?

Two types of online writing jobs are usually offered. which is like this-

  • Freelance writing jobs online
  • Full-time online writing jobs with fixed wages

Mainly freelance writing jobs pay you based on the number of words in your article. Some freelance online writing jobs allow you to pay per hour. It means that you are paid for working per hour.

But there are certain conditions, you will be given a deadline in which you have to complete the work given to you. If you fail to work within the deadline, you will not be paid.

What education and training do you need for writing jobs?

Friends, any person with good knowledge of English can work as an online writer.

If you have good knowledge of any other language, then there are many good prospects for you to work as an online writer.

However, you will need to use the complete grammar and punctuation of that language. Most online Writer jobs are given to those who have these kinds of abilities.

Some websites offering freelance writing jobs provide basic training free. However, there are many websites on the Internet that entice you to take payment courses.

You must have these things to do writing jobs.

  • Excellent typing skills.
  • Some Basic Equipment required
  • Proficiency in using computers and common software

To become a freelance writer, you will need some basic tools. which is like this-

  • A good PC or laptop
  • Very reliable and high-speed internet connection
  • High quality and speedy CD / DVD writer
  • Printer
  • Sound card and high fidelity headphones
  • Specialized software if any

10 Best Freelance Writing Jobs Online at Home

Here we have selected some best online writing jobs, where you can find these jobs.

1.Online freelance content writing jobs

Finding Job as an online content writer is very easy. Any person using appropriate proficiency and grammar, punctuation in English can do this work.

Let us explain why we keep this job at the top as an online writer.

There are millions of bloggers around the world who are operating successful websites and blogs. However, this blogger can not write about all the subjects, despite their popularity.

This is why freelance writers typically require a technical content writer. According to your style, you can always find a job as a freelance online content writer for the blog.

Here, some of these blogs are also run by large corporations and businesses.

Therefore, you can earn good money by writing articles on these blogs as per your interest.

Where can I get content writing work?

Always the biggest problem is how do we find the Online Writing Work? You can register on any globally established freelance websites, and you can earn well by choosing them as your career. Some of these reputed freelance websites are UpWorkiWriterContently & Fiverr.

2.Online review writer

Among the writing jobs, online review writer is at the top in Ranking. It sounds very hard but in fact, it is simple. Let’s talk about it-

Almost every business is required from your neighboring restaurant to every online retailer and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company. Who will taste and write about their products or services?

This means that you get the opportunity to taste or use before regular consumers enter the market for sale.

Independent reviews that are online submitting to your door are very important for these businesses to change or adapt their products, packaging, pricing, and other features. This helps the businesses of those companies stay before the counter competition.

On signing up as an online review writer, one or more departments will invite you to sample your product or service.

You will receive free samples or subscriptions for a limited period. At this time after Mima, you have to write a review and submit it online.

Here you enjoy double benefits, you save money on other bills with your grocery and free bills. Second, the business gives you money for your reviews.

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To become an online writer, you can find an online review writer’s job in Ciao. Here you review almost everything.

Another good website to search writer jobs is WriterBay who provides freelancers with earning good money.

3.Freelance Email Writing Jobs Online

Digital marketing and promoting and selling stuff have become a major industry through the Internet.

The part of digital marketing involves sending and sending emails to customers or prospects who register themselves on a business-owned website.

Such a business can be a restaurant or startup and even a large corporation with branches all over the world.

For all businesses, email serves as an effective customer engagement tool. Therefore, the email writer is a good online job that you can choose.

It becomes readily available. All you have to do is drafts a small email, attach some ads to it, and send it to all customers.

In addition, you have to answer any questions that may arise and if necessary, take further action and send them to the concerned department.

Where can I find EMAIL WRITING JOBS?

Professional email writing is generally used to be outsourced by large companies. So you can find lots of companies looking for email writers.

Indeed and Monster can check for online writing jobs. Alternatively, you can post your resume to any leading website like WriterBay and wait for them to come in contact.

4.Online list writer

Friends, we all make lists of things that we want to buy or things that we need to do. Here, you can make good money writing lists for companies and online retailers.

Anyone possessing basic English writing skills can do this work. If you are interested in doing some creative, then this freelance writing job can be given the best earnings here.

Online list writers are hired by e-retailers and websites who have something to sell.

Here you have to make a list of goods and write briefly defining the product.

Mostly, entertainment companies, video retailers, and small online stores sell food and consumer products to search online catalog writers.


Here we recommend you go to ListVerse, where you can create lists for entertainment and other companies.

Nowadays there is a great demand for online catalog writers, many outsourcing companies also offer online training to beginners free.

5.Social media content writer

Currently, Facebook and Twitter are growing rapidly in popularity, so they are also used by most businesses as well.

However, to post anything on Facebook, recruiting anyone or via Twitter, does not require full-time employees to alert people in some product or service.

This is the reason, companies look for small or large forms for social media content writers. This is a great online writing job that promotes its product on Facebook.

As a social media content writer, you have to write a little about the company’s product or service. And visitors will need to retweet the questions and comments posted on the Facebook page.

Any special question has to be sent to the concerned department, from which to get the correct answer.

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JobsInSocialMedia is a top company from which you can start. To find such freelance writing jobs in social media you can look at the portals of jobs like Indeed, Randstad USA.

This can be a part-time job where you can be tested before hiring your skills.