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10 Best Way to Earn Money Online in India 2022 (Without Scam, No Investment)

Earn Money Online in India

How to Earn Money Fast in India: Today, this internet-enabled world has given many opportunities to work from home and mint money unlimited. After realizing income, many are working from home during this prevailing pandemic. Here, we have listed the top 10 ways to earn money online by working from home. These are legit and require minimal skills apart from a computer, laptop, Smartphone, and internet connection.

10 Best Way to Earn Money Online in India

1. Learn Stock Market Trading

The best benefits of working from home online and making money online is investing in stock markets. Today the Security and Exchange Trade Bureau of India or SEBI conducts many free stock market trading classes for beginners. Moreover, the stockbroking agencies do educate and give guidance if you open a trading account with them.

Thus, share trading, mutual funds, currency, and commodity trading are the best to invest and ripe well in a short time. The online trading account or agents help by giving you Market Mantras or daily tips and suggestions to make money online out of your stocks in different products. Once you make profits, you will be through to carry out future options and intraday trading by yourself.

2. Earn Online Money from YouTube

YouTube provides ample income by working from home in your free time. All you need is a G-mail ID, handy camera, Smartphone, and video editing tools with a laptop or a computer. It will help you make money online if you could take a niche and make short videos or informative videos. YouTube has a monetization policy for Youtubers following YouTube’s terms, conditions, payment, and privacy policy.

YouTube pays you an amount after every 1,00000 views happen on your posted video. Thus, you can make many videos and earn unlimited. Many Youtubers have become a milliner by becoming a professional YouTuber. Yet, they all started as work from home online and made money out of their short films, documentaries, viral videos, and laughter videos. The question of how to make money from YouTube is as simple as using their video-sharing platform.

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3. Start Blogging to Earn Money Online

You would have found travel bloggers, political bloggers, and so on the web. Yet, they are making money through their blogs. Before you jump into it, it will help you know how it will help you earn online.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is an art of writing for the web. The contents can be anything of your interest. Yet, it must have a continuation, answer your readers’ questions, and improve your blogs as per your readers’ recommendation or interest. A person engaged in blogging online is called a blogger.

Why is Blogging one of the simplest ways to earn money?

Your blogs help you to make money online. If you are a frequent traveler, the simplest way to earn money is by writing, taking videos and photos of your travel. It will help you if you are able to write on stay in a hotel, the food you eat, and the natural beauty of a place you have captured on your camera. Posting them on your blog post will make you an income. Your earning starts when thousands of people, who have given likes and shared your blogs via social media platforms, view them. You will get money as and when you will find ads on your blog. The ads are paying for your blogs.

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Is it possible to earn money through Blogging?

Yes, a blogger must select the right platform, which will make him monetize out of their blogs. It will help you to use a free blogging site or have one of your own. You will monetize or earn money online when your blogs have many views. Here, you will have the opportunity to post ads on your blog post from your blog-related business. Thus, you will make money out of those ads.   

How many ways can we do Blogging?

Writing on your Interest                    

Initially, it will help you if you cloud blog on your interested topic and excel in it with your readers. It can be a travel blog, a new blog, or a political blogger. Yet, once started, you have to engage with your readers and act according to their taste. It is advisable to start with a free blog platform, which gives monetization. In this way, you can make money online by working from home.

Writing Blogs for others

It will help you to first write for other bloggers in the beginning. You can find such writing works online. They pay for your blog writing. Here, you can learn while writing on the SEO keywords, presenting a blog, and concluding.

How to earn through Blogging?

It will help you earn money by working from home by promoting other’s products or services or your niche. Initially, you have to do some affiliate marketing to realize money. Next, you must make use of Google Adsense and WordPress.

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4. Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

The top 100 online storesin this world pay you for affiliate marketing works.It benefits of working from home online via your social media networking sites. It will help you to register with an affiliate marketing program with an e-store. After getting an ID, you can sell their product or services and earn a commission. Here, you have to market their products through your social media sites. If anyone clicks that links and makes a purchase, you will get a commission from the e-store. It is how it works.

What is an Affiliate Link?

When you register for an affiliate marketing campaign, that online store gives a link in your name or your ID. You have to use that link as an affiliate link to sell products using social media channels. To get an affiliate link, you have to register successfully by reading their terms, conditions, payment, and privacy policy as an affiliate marketer.                    

How can I earn through Affiliate Links?

It will help you by sharing your affiliate links on social media networking sites. Here, an online store permits you to sell their products by you as an affiliate marketer. Thus, they give you a commission amount when some of your social media contacts purchase from your affiliate link.

5. Make money with Online Surveys

One of the benefits of working from home online is byparticipatingor taking an online survey. Many market research agencies take prior product or service-related surveys before launching a new product or improving the quality of a manufacturer’s existing product or services.

All you need is the register on the top 10 online survey websites or apps. After successful login, you need to check for any surveys available daily. If available, you have to answer those questions honestly. After submitting it successfully, you will be rewarded with some coupon, direct cash transfer, or get some points to redeem on online shopping.

Thus, if you can do a hundred surveys a month, you will earn well by working from home online at your convenient time. You can do the online survey on your Smartphone, laptop, and home PC. Some online survey campaigns are time-bound. It is advisable to do them first on priority.

6. Online Tutor

Work at home, as an online tutor is a smart way to make a passive income from what your are now apart from academic. It will help you if you could teach your skills online. All you need is a PC or laptop with a fine camera and mic. Yet, internet connectivity is necessary to conduct live tutorials.

Many online tutorial websites and apps are there for people willing to make money online, such as workingpart-time or full-time tutors at home. It will help you to register on the top 10 online tutorial platforms.

These tutorial platforms will bring the needy students to connect with you. It will help you to fix pricing on an hourly basis or per class. Thus, your payment will be credited to your account when you wish to claim them.

Academic tuition is trending now due to the prevailing pandemic. Thus, if you have excellent knowledge of a subject or language, you can become an online tutor and make money by your academic teaching online.  

7. Become a Freelance writer

The smart benefits of working from home online is by becoming a freelance writer. The websites and apps need a lot of content. Thus, they get those writing works for freelance writers for which they are paid per page or per word.

Check online for online or freelance writing jobs. You can do freelance writing remotely by joining a digital marketing agency, a blogger, manufacturer, and companies who need business write-ups. It will help you post your advertisement as a freelance writer offered on a social media platform and job sites as part-time or freelance writing.  

The companies or DM agents will contact you for writing for them. It will help if you have a laptop or a computer with an internet connection. Yet, the language you know must be perfect with no spelling errors, grammar mistakes, and a high readability score.

What is Freelancing?

Freelance working from home is a professional way to work on your interest without coming under a monthly pay or payroll in a company. You do it on a contract basis and work remotely. It can be a writing job, online tuition, affiliate marketing job, and anything you can serve online without meeting people.

By becoming a freelancer, you are the owner, and you can work at your convenient time. A freelancer rarely signs a contract and takes up jobs. Yet, they are trusted to do work and complete them within the promised time. They are paid on the spot for completing a task.

A freelancer outsources their skills and makes money online or working from home. Here, the earning opportunity is unlimited as you are the boss. It will help you if you could register in the top 10 freelancer’s websites and apps. Here, you will be hired based on your profile and skills.

 Freelancers where to get work from?

Many online platforms are there for freelancers. The people and agents who wish to hire a freelancer will check those sites and contact a freelancer to work for them. Some of the best free and paid freelancer platforms are as follows.

  • Toptal
  • Guru
  • Upwork
  • People Per Hour
  • Aquent
  • 99designs
  • Solidgigs
  • fivver
  • simplyhired

It will help you register on these freelancers’ sites and hire professionals, bloggers, companies, and students. A freelancer will get many benefits of working from home online in their free time and earn well.

 8. Graphic Design Online Job

Creative people might try graphic designing as an art. Yet, working from home is the smart wayto make money by selling your designing skills. It is a professional job if you have a good system with the latest graphic software, internet connection your time to designing work is enough to earn well.

It will help you by searching online for freelance designing jobs. Many start-ups, enterprises, and media need creative designs. It will help you earn money online by designing business logos, brochures, video games, cartoons, and films.

It will help you if you could post your freelance designer post on and You will get the benefits of working remotely by graphic designing at your convenient time. In this way, you will get more references from the existing clients.

 9-Digital Marketing Jobs

Working from home as a digital marketer needs minimum skills to earn unlimited online. It will help you by joining a digital marketing course and being certified. You will become a professional DM later by gaining work experience. All you need is to have a digital imprint on the top 10 social media sites.  

Many sites and apps are offering DM opportunities. Here, you can promote a product or service through your social media channels and earns well when they click your affiliate link and avail of those offers. You will get the most out of the benefits of working remotely as a digital marketer.

Today, there are many apps available. It will help you to install and do digital marketing works on your Smartphone. Those apps show the actual statics including your earnings via DM campaign on that app.

10. Sell Photos Online

Benefits of working from home online are to make use of your Smartphone and digital cameras. Your travel photos, funny photos, and nature photos will mint money online if you are good at photography.

Many photo-sharing platforms are there, like and, and here you can become a member and post your photos and earn online when someone requests you to buy your photo online. Thus, you have the patent rights for your photos, and you are selling them to the needed people as per those photo-sharing apps or platforms terms, conditions, and payment policy.

Working from home is very simple to upload photos from your Smartphone or digital camera on photo-sharing platforms. Thus, you get publicity and comments on your photos, and they do request you to take certain photos on a paid basis.

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