15 Data Entry Jobs from home without investment online/ offline

15 Data Entry Jobs from home without investment online/ offline

Data entry jobs from home without investment – Data entry jobs are really beneficial for those who have Some qualifications and want to get Part Time Job at home. Whether you are a Housewife, a Retired person or anyone who is willing to work at home. He can do a data entry job without any investment from home.

data entry jobs from home without investment

15 data entry jobs from home without investment online/ offline

Let us see here a few different types of Data Entry Jobs, which you can do according to your ability and time.

Regular Data Entry Jobs

Data entry is the first category of regular data entry jobs that are very common, for this, your typing speed should be at least 20 to 30 WPM.

1.Plain Data Entry Jobs

Plain data entry work is done by typing the words in MS Office File. It is important to have good reading and writing with your typing speed here too.

Here you have to type in the Word document by reading the words written on the PDF document. For this type of data entry job, you are given 10 to 20 rupees per page.

2.Other Basic Typing Jobs

The second is very simple Data Entry work done on Excel Spreadsheet. Here you have to fill the data on Exel Sheet. You do not even need any formulas or technical skills here.

This work is very simple. Here you can do the job faster according to your typing speed and accuracy

 For which for every hour you get Rs 50 and Rs 100 per hour.

3.Word Processor or Typist

This work is a bit technical. Here you need to create letters, mailing labels, reports etc. For this, you should have a good knowledge of grammar skills and vocabulary in English.

Along with this, you may also have to work on technical stuff like making charts, graphs, and tables. You need the training to perform such data entry work.

4.Cleaning of Data

This work is also known as data cleansing and data scrubbing. Here you have to remove the data from the table and the database by detecting the data.

It can be in MS Word or excel sheet.

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Online Data Entry Jobs

Here are the two best online data entry jobs that you can easily do at home. They are 2 Online Data Entry Job, Online form filling & paid surveys.

5.Online Form Filling

Here you will be provided a huge amount of data and online form of data separately. You need to fill in the online form completely by wearing very caution.

Here you will have to fill the form very carefully so that the data is not filled in the wrong place.

6.Online Survey Job

Here you will be asked some questions or your relativity, which you have to answer and fill out the survey form. You have to fill this survey form in 5 to 15 minutes according to the questions.

Companies want to know the feedback from their customers, so it fills this survey form.

Here form filling & online survey data entry jobs can earn good money from both.

Micro Jobs

Micro jobs are slightly different than data entry jobs.

7.Captcha Entry Jobs

As you all know that Captchas contains photos, containing texts, number or alphanumeric data, etc. which are filled in the space given below. You can solve more than one hundred captchas in one day. It is a lot easier.

8.Copy & Paste Jobs

In Copy & Paste Jobs, you have to copy the DATA from one place to another and paste it in another place. This work can be on any of the Word documents or excel spreadsheets.

Here you do not need to type more, but here you will have to read a lot so your English must be a little good.


Captioning is a bit of a variety of work because here you will have to type headings and captions for a news headline or an image.

Companies doing a job like Captcha solving in Micro jobs do not pay good money. So if you are serious about doing the Data Entry Work then do not do it.

Data Formatting Jobs

Formatting jobs are also known as data entry work but here you have to do more than format their data instead of typing the data.

10.Re-Formatting and Correction

Generally, formatting jobs have to change the form of aligning paragraphs, indentation, fonts of the word document.

Here you may have to fill a long form with name, email id, address, phone no etc.

Here you have to do the type of typing work, but you need to change the format of files.

Converting Files

This is also a whole kind of data entry jobs in which you have to convert file from one form to another. Here you may have to convert an image or audio file to a Word document file.

11.Image to Text Data Entry

Here you will be given a picture in the form of screenshot which will be written in the data, you have to type it on the Word document and read it.

Here’s one thing to tell you that this will not be a simple English but it will be a difficult medical terminology. That’s why you need to come to good English.

12.Audio to Text

Here you will be given an audio file which you will need to write to a word document. Audio from text data entry job is a little-advanced Data Entry work, in which it is necessary to be skilled in writing your hearing, it is not just about everyone.

It is very important to have good gains in English so that you can understand every word of it.

I personally recommend text data entry work from the image because you can earn more than your regular data entry work here.

Transcription jobs

Transcription jobs are the most difficult form in data entry jobs.

13.Medical Transcriptionist

Transcription is the most common medical transcriptionist job in the job. Here you have to listen to recorded audio files and write it on Word document.

Here it is very important to get acquainted with advanced medical terms. For this, it is very important for you to understand the audio and understand shorthand writing skills.

14.Medical Coding

Medical coding is different from a little transcription job. Medical coding involves changing healthcare diagnosis, procedures, medical services in alphanumeric codes.

These are just different types of work.

Medical Transcriptionist is the highest-grossing job in job entry in data entry jobs.

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