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10 Best Startup Ideas in India for 2022

Best Startup Ideas

If you are also driven by being your boss and don’t want to say “Yes, Boss”, this article is for you.

As per a survey conducted by various survey agencies, a common finding has come out that more than 66% of Indians want to run their own business. However, they don’t go for business just because they have no big capital or business idea.

This article will discuss the best start-up ideas that will suit your need.

Although whenever people talk about businesses, one thing comes to their mind, and that is huge capital.

We have made sure that these business ideas don’t require much capital in our small business ideas, and one can easily start the business.

10 Small Business or Startup Ideas in India

1. Wedding/ Event Planner

India is a country of weddings. There are weddings in more than three seasons in the country. It has nothing to do with our country’s or personal economic condition. No matter how bad or good our economy is, our weddings will always be full of luxury.

All you have to do is learn how to organize a wedding. There are big fat Indian weddings where money is spent like anything. People consider it very promising, so they spend a lot on weddings.

On the other side, we can make their dream come true with amazing wedding themes so that their wedding becomes memorable. It’s not just about the money which is earned, it is about making a dream come true.

It would be best to train staff to make a wedding successful. It would help if you had good caterers, flower designers, dance teams, etc., to add feathers to the wedding.

It’s not just for weddings; you can also organize birthday parties, office parties like induction and farewell parties, etc. This business is in demand as people don’t want to manage the function independently.

Let me tell you that the budget for Indian weddings was about $60 billion in 2018.

2. Driving School/ Taxi Service

If you like driving or are passionate about driving, conducting business may be for you. You can go for instructing people who want to learn driving. Some people need a professional instructor who can teach them how to drive.

A person generally pays up to Rs 3000 monthly for learning driving. You can expand your business by hiring more people who can instruct people on driving.

You can also go to the taxi service. This business is in trend. In metro cities like Delhi, people don’t have space to keep a car, so taxi service has become a good alternative.

People generally start their business with just one car and start the taxi service; when they receive a good income from that taxi, they start paying EMI of that car (if the vehicle was purchased on load). Sometimes, they buy another car to expand their business.

3. Fitness Classes

After Covid-19 hit people on their weak health, they have become health conscious. They started understanding the value of good health.

Earlier, they kept their health on the last priority, but now they are serious about it. So, people choose to go and enrol themselves in a fitness centre. The customer base is so large that 65% of people are under 35 years of age, and they all are health conscious.

They are more aware of their health and the value of good health. They know that extra calories cause chronic disease.

The good thing about this business idea is that even if you don’t have much capital to buy equipment, you can take them on lease. Even if you don’t want to take on a lease, you can come as a fitness coach and give personal fitness classes.

Fitness coaches are paid way better than any other profession—those who don’t want to hit the gym, keep a personal fitness coach. No investment is needed to become a fitness coach except intensive training.

4. Blogging

I will highly recommend this business idea as it doesn’t cost much. Blogging is based on your interest, you can start this business with just a domain name, a blogging platform like Blogger or WordPress, and a zeal to write your ideas.

If you talk about the income perspectives of blogging, then I would say the sky is the limit. People earn more than Rs 100,000 monthly, but this business requires patience. You can expect the results in a month.

There are many ways a blogger earns money; These ways are monetization, affiliate links, selling online courses, etc.

5. Social Media Agency

In the digital era, you can open a social media agency and start helping people in social media management and help them do more business. These days companies want to focus on their core business and leave the social media management on agencies.

You have to manage their social media pages with the latest updates, information and offers, etc.

You must have seen daily social media updates on some companies. These activities are done by these agencies only. The reason is clear, neither the companies have time to do it, nor do they have expertise in the field. So, the business comes in your bucket.

6. Coaching Classes

Teaching is an activity that keeps one happy. Those who teach can understand this. Teaching makes a lot of people happy financially as well as intellectually. You need to pick your favourite subject or see if you can develop expertise in any topic.

You can open a coaching class for the most demanding grades like IX and X. In these years, the students and their parents are most worried about their future.

Make sure you deliver quality that gives value for money. Genuinely speaking, good teachers are still short in the Indian education system. This is a no investment business. You need to arrange some seating for students.

There is no need to spend money on marketing as mouth publicity works way better than spending on physical ads.

A coaching class owner earns approximately Rs 15,000 (minimum) on one student. Every new student in your class multiplies with Rs 15,000. If you have 100 students in your coaching class, you have Rs 15 lakh per annum, which is Rs 1.25 L per month.

7. Cooking Classes

If cooking is your habit, it’s time to change it to a profitable business idea. There are questions in people’s minds about which business is best in India?

People like me are foodies and keep looking for healthy and delicious food around them. Good food is everyone’s dream. If you are good at cooking, it’s a good business idea for you.

A good cooking class is natural since good restaurants are being searched upon. They want to learn cooking for so many reasons, maybe it is for their hobby, or they want to go to a restaurant.

You can even open your YouTube channel and start teaching cooking there, considering that cooking channels are most subscribed in India.

8. Food Catering Business 

Food catering business and event planning go hand-in-hand. One who gets the industry for event planning most probably also makes the food catering arrangement.

Like event planning here, also people free themselves from food catering. People choose food catering for birthday parties, weddings, engagements, retirement parties, etc.

You need to have a team of cooks and other employees who take care of logistics as well, and your business is good to go.

9. Content Management

It’s the information age, and people deal with a lot of content for their business. You can open a company to manage content for businesses. You need to have some content writers, proofreaders, SEO experts, etc.

There is a huge demand in this business all around. If you observe, everything is available on the internet these days; for this, good content is required, and for that, a good content management team.

10. Stock Broker (sub-broker)

If you look around, you will find more people aware and interested in the stock market. For this, they need a good stockbroker. If you are passionate about the stock market, you can become a stockbroker.

You can guide your traders and investors and buying and selling stocks, and in any condition, whether they are in profit or loss, you make money.

However, if your investors profit with your guidance, your business increases.

A sub-broker of IIFL Securities earns approximately Rs 100,000 monthly. It is a no-cost business.

Final Verdict

Many businesses require little investment. If you have passion for any of them, you can start that business. Huge investment does not make a business successful, but good ideas definitely will.

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