Best Courses After 12th Arts

Best Courses After 12th Arts stream Students in India 2020 – Career Options Guide

In India, students who have passed their Class 12 exams have three main choices available–Science, Commerce, and Arts stream.

While the first two are the most sought-after, attracting the’ best’ students with the highest percentage of marks, the Arts stream has been said to be the shining example of the’ weaker’ students–and those with a lower percentage of marks, who have passed their class 10.

Unfortunate but true, aren’t they? Nothing could be further from reality, however. Despite popular belief, students who opt for the stream of the Arts post their Class 12, have a growing number of career choices they could pursue based on their intellectual ability and concern.

In this category, common career choices include Law, Media, Humanities, Animation, Education, Performing Arts, Fashion or Textile Design, Travel & Tourism, IT & Technology, Hospitality, and Banking to mention just some.

So, for the sake of all those Classes 12 Arts students that are most likely to be running around scrambling from pillar to post looking for good career opportunities after their results, here is a compiled list of the 10 best career opportunities after the 12th arts you can find and choose between.

Details Some Career Options After 12th Arts and Future in Arts Stream

#1 Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Social Sciences & Humanities

After 12th Arts, among the most common career opportunities, a B.A degree is a three-year undergraduate course that concentrates on subjects linked to the humanities and social sciences. Specialized education has chosen subject choices to include; English Literature, Economics, Political Science, History, Sociology, and Philosophy. Post completion of your BA degree; students have the choice to further study and do their Masters in Arts (MA).

Career choices: Banking, Marketing & Sales, Retail and General Administration.

#2 Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Fine / Visual Arts

Again, a graduate course for art students interested in exploring a career in fine arts such as design, dance, painting, art or filmmaking. Interestingly enough, it tends to attract students from the Commerce and Science stream also with an effective, imaginative streak. Students who choose for this course have the career choices to specialize in a variety of creative endeavors including, amongst others, applied arts, drawing, and painting, animation, and ceramics.

Career choices: exhibition designer, artist, illustrator, museum / gallery curator, secondary school teacher.

#3 Bachelor of Design (B.Des) in Graphics

Looking for a Graphic / Web Design and Animation career? Then, after 12th Arts, this bachelor’s degree course is also just totally correct for you. Students selecting this course have a lot of options when selecting their specialization area. A few of the most famous career options include 2D/3D Animation, Film Making Animation, Graphic / Web Design, Sound & Video Editing and Visual Effects (VFX). Students from the streams of science and commerce are also eligible to participate in this education program.

Career choices: graphic designer, user experience designer, interior designer, textile designer.

#4 BA LLB (Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Law)/ BBA LLB (Bachelor of Business Administration & Bachelor of Law)

BA LLB/BBA LLB is a prominent career choice after many students have opted for the 12th Arts. It is a five-year double degree professional course in statutory interpretation that targets students wishing to start a career in the legitimate sphere. Interested students must first clear their Class 12 (in any stream) with a minimum of 50 percent marks, and then pass a Common Entrance Test to enter this course. Students can choose between constitutional law and criminal law as their field of specialization.

Career choices: an investigative lawyer, a corporate lawyer, a human resource professional, a labor and employment judge, a lawyer, a public prosecutor, bank consultancies, excise & revenue department.

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#5 Bachelor of Science (in Hospitality & Travel)

This course is suitable for students of the arts who are hoping to make a professional life in the flourishing hospitality and/or tourist industry. To qualify to participate in this course, students must have cleared their 12 exams in any stream or have any comparable qualification from a recognized board. These arts course provides students multiple options to specialize in important aspects connected to both industries ‘ functioning. Which include hospitality/hotel management, gastronomic arts, catering, and ticketing & fares.

Career choices: Travel & Tour operators, Airlines, Airports, Online Travel websites, Visa & Travel Document Services companies, Hotels & Resorts, Tourist Information Offices and Luxury Cruise companies.

#6 BHM in Hospitality & Travel

The Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality & Travel is another validated career choice after the 12th Arts to build a career in the hospitality or travel industry. Usually referred to as BHM, any student who has cleared his 12 from the Science, Commerce or Arts streams will fulfill this course in hotel management. In aspects of expertise, food, and beverage providers and housekeeping are the favored options. To support you through, after 12 you can review this-A Concise Career Guide to Hotel Management.

Carrier Choices: The same as above.

#7 Bachelor’s degree in Science (in Design)

A Bachelor’s degree in Science or B.Sc. in Design maybe your knocking-stone to become a desired designer. 12 students from Science, Commerce & Arts are able to qualify for admission to this approximately-durable undergraduate course. 3-4 years, according to the Institute. The list of specializations includes, amongst other things, communication design, interior design, and fashion design.

Career choices: fashion design, architecture, CADD, interior design, graphic design.

#8 Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication (BJMC)/ Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM)

This three-year undergraduate course is given to students with great communication, and writing skills who is wishing to join the increasing media (print, online & electronic) and marketing industries. Open to 12 students from any stream; this three-year course provides students with the chance to specialize in areas such as news reporting.

Career choices: Business communications, journalism, content development, digital marketing, copyright advertising.

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#9 Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA).

A BCA degree can give you the ability to discover computer languages throughout this computer-driven country. After the 12th arts stream, a challenging computer course, a BCA degree is generally recognized as being on par with a B.Tech / B.E degree in IT or computer science. Any student who has cleared his 12 with Arts can apply for admission to this three-year course, scoring a minimum of 45 percent marks. Networking Hardware & Security, Mobile App Development, Programming, Cloud Computing, and Game Design is just some specialization options that are available.

Career choices: System Administrator, Helpdesk Assistant, Mobile Technician, Computer teacher, freelance web designer.

#10 Diploma in Education (D.Ed).

This course for students of the arts after graduation is for those who are willing to teach as a career. This two-year undergraduate degree is aimed at 12 students in renowned educational institutions hoping to join the teaching profession at playschool/nursery/kindergarten level. You’ve also the career choice to complete your B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) course until finished.

Career choices: Counselor of education, Writer of content, Junior teacher, Librarian, Home Tutor, Record Keeper.


Some of the best career choices after the 12th Arts that can convert depending on completion into a productive professional life. All you have to do is to choose a course (which will inspire you most), choose to have a respected institute from which to do it, and that you are nice to go. Always remember–this is not what you are accomplishing, but what you are overcoming –that is what will describe your career. All the best.

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