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Best Computer Courses List to Get a Job in 2020

Best Computer Courses List

The importance of choosing the best computer courses has increased gradually over the period and this is due to the digital revolution.

A few years back, having a computer is a luxury topic but, these days it has become mandatory in everyone’s life.

The evolution of computers has made life easier and comfortable for humans from Facebook to Google, online banking, ticket booking, Amazon to Flipkart purchases, and online jobs, etc.

Thus it has become very important to know all about the computers and its software and keep yourself updated with the evolution.

Here in this article, we discuss the best computer course list that students have to pursue to stay updated in the field of computers and to increase their market value in terms of a job.

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Types of computer courses

In this era, the traditional form of education has come with great transformation and instead of offline courses, many prefer choosing online courses as they can study from anywhere in this world without the need of traveling and free to study at any time they wish to. Here are some of the types of computer courses offered:

1. The long term offline courses

 The long term offline computer courses are doing full time or part-time courses for 4 years duration of engineering in the field of computer science (B.Tech., B.E., BCA or others). This is the long term duration course and thus requires certain eligibility criteria to get admission into the universities or colleges offering this course. 

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2. Long term online courses

The long term online courses are available online for the students to master their computer knowledge and to make them professionally fit to get the right job in the field of computers. The duration of the course ranges from one year to more and thus they provide extensive training of everything that relates to computers.

The online courses provide the study materials and conduct tests in the form of videos or pdf or sometimes both. The evaluation is done based on the test and the certification is given to the candidates once after completion of the course.

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3. The short term offline courses

 Various institutions across the country offer computer courses as their curriculum and the course duration may last for 2 to 3 months. These classes should be attended physically by going to the institutions where they held classes weekly or during the weekends at a particular time. Students tend to attend these classes at the time specified by the institutions. Here the exams are conducted manually and certification is provided once after evaluation.

4. Short term courses

The short term courses are best among all the others as they provide the course and their details of the courses are available online in the form of pdf or video formats or both. This course needs no set time or duration and thus the candidate can sit at home to learn the course. While few courses are available online for a certain period and after which they are no longer available. 

From the above sort of computer courses, the candidates have to choose which is best for them to build their future. Below are a few of the best computer course lists.


1. Data analytical course

 The data analytical course is the booming course which is expected to grow 50 times more by 2020 according to the statistical data.

The ability to analyze the data is stable and thus creates a demand among the students leading to a talent gap of skilled candidates.

Doing this course would help the candidates to become a data analyst. The course is designed for both technical and non-technical professionals thus teaching them to learn about the master description and statistical data, hypothesis testing, data blending, regression analysis, data extracts, and forecasting.

The job opportunities upon completion of the course would be a data analyst, data science, product analyst, business analyst, machine learning engineer, etc.

2. Web Designing

The web designing course is the best course for those who wish to work independently. The course deals with various elements teaching the candidate how to maintain and to develop a site. The course also covers the learning coding languages including JavaScript, HTML, PHP, etc. Many private organizations are offering the course and the fee structure varies accordingly.

The duration of the course is one year and upon completion of the course the student award with the certificate. There are also short term courses available which are for 3 to 6 months, but the most recommended is to go for one year course. 

3. VFX and animation

 The course teaches complete knowledge about visual effects, graphics, 3D technology, etc. Due to the demand for the course, the course has become popular and thus offered by many institutions across the country.

Best institutes are offering the animation course and the fee structure varies from one institute to another. The course is of much demand in the film industry as the number of animated movies has been increased and the visual effects in the movie also improved.

Thus the graduates from this course have high demand in the industries and the salary package is also high. 

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4. Hardware and networking courses

The hardware and networking course are at high demand and is one of the best job oriented computer courses offered in India. The course details and institutions offering the course are advertised in newspapers or Television these days.

The institutes also promise to provide job guarantee to the candidates taking the courses. Jetking is the popular institute offering the course and has a good placement record.

They offer numerous long and short term courses and offer a scholarship for bright students. Placements will be in the reputed IT industry and if you wanted to be an owner, the course gives you confidence enough to start your own business.

5. Software and programming language courses

 The language courses are necessary among the students to develop any software for the companies or to any organization.

The students should know complete knowledge of languages such as Java, C++, etc, to develop the software as these developers are of high demand in the IT sector. Best institutes including IIT offer the course and there also various other institutes offering the course throughout the country.

There are also long and short term courses offered by most of the institutes across the globe and these companies provide job guarantees as they have tie-ups with the big IT companies. There are renowned companies providing placements throughout the world for this course.

Along with this course, the candidate has to learn some of the basic computer course lists and here are a few listed: Windows, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Intermediate Microsoft office skills, advanced excel, and Microsoft skills for admin assistant.

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6. Tally

 This is an accounting software development program and helps to understand how to sort accounts in financial institutions.

Tally is trusted software that most of the institutes prefer and both private and government organizations use this software to store and transfer files related to financial statements. The course provides an answer to those who have a query of which computer course is best for jobs.

The software gets its update every year and the candidate has to update themselves with this latest version for the job guarantee. Tally can be learned in various institutions and many institutes provide diploma courses in finance and accounting which helps you to fetch jobs easily. The salary package is based on the skills and talent you incorporate in the organization.