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15 Online Data Entry Jobs Without Registration Fees & Daily Payment – (Earn Money By Typing Data Entry)

Best- Online Typing Jobs

Since the Covid-19 hit our lives, lots of things have changed. Many people lost their jobs and many found the best ways to earn money through data entry jobs without going anywhere.


This is true that many people are now working from home. If you enter into the digital world you will find tons of opportunities. You will capture good earnings that too without any investment.

The good thing about a data entry job is that except for some of the jobs you will find a number of jobs that do not require any experience or degree. All you have to do is sharpen your skills, that’s it.

In this post, we have shared the best data entry jobs that you can start without any investment.

Let’s have a look.

Best- Online Typing Jobs

What Are Online Data Entry Jobs Without Registration Fees?

1) Catalog Data Entry Operator

If someone is seeking a job from home that too without any investment, catalog data entry operator is one of the best jobs. You just need to read the data from the database and fill it in online or offline software. That software will be provided by the company. The job function varies from company to company. This job includes filling in various table fields such as name, number, price, code no., Etc.

If you want to join as a catalog data entry operator, then is it mandatory to know how to filter and extract certain required information from the database. Most Logistics and warehouse companies need staff to enter data into their catalog. In this profile. From this job, you can earn between $ 30000 to $ 40000 annually.

2) Data Formatting

Data formatting, as the name suggests, you need to format the data in this profile. Here your work is to format the content in a word document. Data formatting includes text editing in section form, fonts, rewind, create letter list, etc.

One more function in data formatting includes the formatting of a form that contains various fields such as name, number, address, email, etc. Your work is to adjust or remove the spaces and adjust them properly. This profile pays off very well as you can earn $ 10- $ 12 per hour per format.

Online Typing Jobs Without Investment Daily Payment

3) Captcha Entry

I am sure everyone is very familiar with captcha. Those who don’t know, let me tell you, It is images that contain text, numbers, and letters that are used to fill a particular field to prevent spam.

And a captcha entry job can be a great option for people looking for online data entry jobs at home.

In this job, your role could be to fill in captcha image numbers, alphanumeric data, and image text in a given spreadsheet or document for a particular activity. In addition, you will need to resolve hundreds of captcha images every day. This job may be interesting and challenging both at the same time.

The best thing about this job is that it is not a boring job. You can earn the right amount of money in resolving captchas, but for that, you will have to solve thousands of captchas per day.

4) Converting audio to text

So, do you have excellent listening skills?

If yes, this is the best online data entry job for you.

In this job you will be given particular audio; you just need to listen to it and convert it into text format. This job is not a good option for those who don’t have listening skills. Because in this job sometimes the voice may not be clear and they use technical jargon too. So to translate details in a proper way you must be good at listening skills.

In addition, to understand the words and to spell them correctly, you need to have a good command of the English language. Good typing speed is also required as you listen to the sound and write the text; therefore, you need to match your typing speed with sound.

Therefore it is to be suggested that, if you have good typing skill together with the listening skills and have good knowledge of English language then only you must go with this job. You can earn somewhere between $5-$7 per file.

5) Data Entry Keyers

The main role of data entry keyers is to extract the correct and proper information with full accuracy from all types of documents and keeping data by typing into archives such as company templates, CRM, or excel spreadsheets.

After completing this procedure that data is sent to customers. All these activities are done offline.

Data Keyers are also part of the quality control department in the organization as they check for data errors and correct them. The typing speed required of them is 50 words per minute, with a 0% error rate. The earning potential of data entry keyers ranges between $ 10 to $ 15, and the price goes up as you get the experience in handling data with accuracy.

6) Online Surveys

The online survey is a very exciting task. In Online surveys, you need to answer some of the simple questions by performing based on research and need to complete the test forms. It’s not just like putting values in the form. In an online survey, you have to work with your wisdom to answer the questions.

It just took 10-15 minutes to complete an online survey. Depending on the length of the test this time may increase or decrease. It contains 10-50 questions, but again it is not sure. Different companies have different criteria of questions and timings.

Many companies offer this opportunity as they need these questions to get customer feedback on their product or services. Various people have done their full-time job completing online research and can earn around $50000 annually.

Just check this post to find these types of Online Surveys jobs.

7) Copy & Paste Job

You might understand the job by its name. Yes, you need to copy data from one place to paste it into another. But it’s not a complete copy-paste that you do on your computers. In this job, you may need to convert PDF to Word Document, Excel to Word, or vice versa.

In one file you have to copy-paste around 10,000 words. These words can include numbers, letters, text, etc. Majorly it includes the data like address, name, phone number, etc. You are provided with this data from the database that suits Oracle MS Access.

Different companies have different requirements for this job. Some ask for only copy-paste and some ask for editing the data then making a copy-paste.

8) Medical coding

Medical coding is one of the highest-paid jobs among the data entry jobs. This job is slightly different and challenging. In medical coding, you need to read the patient’s health report, analyze their medical history, and compile medical history based on charts and reports.

A medical coder translates the codes into a short writing style, which is then used by the doctors to understand the patient’s medical history. Not everybody can opt for this job. This job is for people with a degree or medical certificate. If you have such a degree you can opt for this job. You will be provided training before the certification of employment certificate.

9) Image to Text Conversion

In this data entry job, an image is provided to you with several sections, you need to analyze and read the image and write it down in a word document. You need to write around 100-150 words. But always remember the words you have written down will not be a simple English words, they include medical terms, so you have to be careful while writing.

This data entry job needs 99.99% accuracy. You have to be attentive and careful while typing. It should be error-free. With one conversion from image to text, you get about $ 3 to $ 4. You can earn a decent amount of money with this job, all you have to be very careful and accurate.

10) Online Form Filling

Online form filling is also a data entry job that requires high accuracy. In this job quality matters over quantity. And this job provides higher earning options. All you have to be accurate.

In this job, you will be provided with the data and from that data, you need to fill in the database in all the fields in the form. The data you will be provided will be in a file format which includes the customer name, phone number, address, email address, etc

Now you can understand why this work requires high accuracy because one mistake can lead to false information. So you need to be very careful while filling in the details. You can earn good money from this job, depending on your potential you can earn between $ 50 to $ 70 a day.

11) Captioning

Hello Social Media lovers..!!

This data entry job is for you. In captioning, you need to create a title and captions for a profile. This is a very common media industry activity. News channels, social media platforms all are using captions in their posts nowadays. You need a lot of wisdom about these tasks; it’s like building memes on social media.

These jobs were not easy to find before, but with the extensive use of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and YouTube even, these jobs are easily available and you can easily get your clients.

The worst thing about this job is that you are not paid high amounts. In this data entry job, the hard work is more because we have to put all our brains and do not get the money for that hard work.

12) Medical Transcriptionist

In a medical transcriptionist data entry job, you are provided with the recorded audio. All you have to do is listen to that audio and convert them word by word in a word document.

These recorded audio files included voice mail messages, medical files, conference calls, etc. The demand for this job is higher in the US. They have tons of data to convert daily and various private and public sector companies search for an experienced medical transcriptionist.

The major challenge in this job is that sometimes the recorded voice you are provided with is not clear, sometimes you cannot understand the accent that doctors use in the recording. SO decoding them sometimes becomes a tough and time taking task.

For a medical transcriptionist, you must be aware of medical jargon. Proper training will be provided to you and then you can earn around $20 to $25 for one hour.

13) Data Entry Clerks

Data entry clerks are a data entry job similar to data entry keyers. The main difference is that you need to work for longer hours as a data entry clerk.

In this job, you need to collect data and then store it in a sheet or advanced software. Just like in hospitals, you have seen the data regarding patient records, guest lists, accident reports, patients of particular diseases, etc. So the work of the data entry clerk is to collect all the data and put it in the software.

You can also get a government job at a municipal office where they need clerks to keep city records, birth records, death certificates, etc.

14) Content Writing

If you are fluent in English and have good writing skills, this data entry job will make you earn a good amount. In content writing, you can write content for bloggers and various websites in different niches. You need to write different articles, blogs, social media posts of different lengths as per the customer requirements.

Content writing is not that complicated. You just need to sharpen your writing skills, grab some good vocab, and research the topic provided to you to generate understanding on that particular topic.

A good content writer can earn up to $40 for 1000 words.

15) Proofreading and Editing

Proofreading and editing is also a data entry job where you work with the content. It is much easier than content writing. You need not write a piece of content in this job. You just need to check the already written content and make the changes if required. The changes include content optimization, editing, error detections, typing errors, etc. 

For this data entry job, you must be fluent in the English language because then only you can understand what to replace or change in the content.

As compared to content writers, proofreaders get less pay due to less effort required.

What are the requirements for data entry jobs?

If you want to join data entry jobs, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Sharp, fast, and error-free typing skills.
  2. Prior experience as a data entry clerk.
  3. General understanding of databases.
  4. Complete knowledge of word processing tools.
  5. Good command of the English language, both verbal and oral.
  6. Sharp attention to every detail.
  7. Team player.
  8. Excellent Time management, and communication skills.
  9. High school degree or equivalent.
  10.  experience of using MS Office, Word, Excel, etc

How to Start a Data Entry or Internet Typing Job without Registration Fees?

These days data entry jobs are one of the most demanded jobs by the general public. But why is everyone attracted to these jobs?

The simple answer, these jobs do not require a high educational background, extreme skills, and investment.

Most of the jobs require at least a registration fee, but you can start data entry jobs without a registration fee.

But how?

Here are a few sites that provide you the opportunity of data entry jobs without any registration fee

For transcription jobs

  • Scribie
  • TranscribeMe
  • Rev
  • Daily Transcription
  • Freelance Sites
  • Appen

For captcha entry jobs

  • Captchatypers
  • 2captcha
  • Megatypers
  • Protypers

For Data Entry (form filling, typing, snippet entry, etc) jobs

  • Digital One India

Other Freelancing Websites

  • Freelancer
  • Truelancer
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Peopleperhour

Words of Worth

So, here we have shared the 15 best data entry jobs that you can start right now.

Now it’s your turn to decide which job you want to start with and put your handsome earnings in your pocket.

Just remember one thing that these jobs never required investment. And these jobs never demand money in exchange for jobs or registration. These are online jobs so anybody can cheat you or demand money. So, beware of fraud.

Keep it up..!!

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