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Top 5 New Business Ideas in Gujarat with Low Investment in 2020

New Business Ideas in Gujarat with Low Investment

New Business Ideas in Gujarat with Low Investment: Gujarat is one of the leading industrial states in India. You can guess this from the fact that our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, and our country’s most successful business icon, Mukesh Ambani, are from the state – Gujarat.

Gujarat is also known as the “Petro-Capital” of India due to the presence of large solvency set up by private and public sector companies. The state produces 30% petrochemicals and 50% pharmaceuticals.

According to a World Bank report, Gujarat is at the top in trade between Indian states.

Gujarat has several industrial areas, such as textiles, chemicals, fertilizers, electrical engineering, jewelry business, dairy, and many more. Not only this, but Gujarat is also famous among tourists. People from all over the world come to visit Gujarat.

Here we have compiled the top 10 New Business Ideas in Gujarat with Low Investment according to the industry trend, raw material availability, and market potential.

Top 5 New Business Ideas in Gujarat with Low Investment in 2020

New Business Ideas in Gujarat with Low Investment
New Business Ideas in Gujarat with Low Investment

1. Art and Craft Business

If you want to start your financial career in Gujarat then this is the best option. Here are profitable retail opportunities for the individual who is knowledgeable about art and the tools that are required of artists.

Gujarat is also known as the ‘Jewel of India’ because you will find arts and crafts there. This may benefit from starting a small scale business.

2. Dairy Business:

Gujarat has a well-established cooperative dairy sector and is the third-largest milk producer in India. The dairy industry plays an important role in driving Gujarat’s economy. And due to many government policies and schemes to encourage dairy in Gujarat, starting a dairy business is an attractive business opportunity. The Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) has been a pioneer in milk production and distribution under the brand name Amul.

3. Fashion Design Business

In the case of fashion design, Gujarat is a state of grace, here you can start a fashion design institute. Adequate knowledge, artistic mind, and sufficient experience on the course are important for starting a Fashion Design Institute. As people are becoming more fashion-conscious, apparel and accessories companies are hiring people with different fashion designing portfolios. Therefore, the demand for fashion design institutes and courses is increasing rapidly.

4. Jeans Manufacturing

The textile industry has always been one of the leading industries of Gujrat state. Has played an important role in the industrial and economic development of Gujarat. It is the largest producer (35%) and exporter (60%) of cotton and the third largest denim producer in the world. The state is known as ‘Manchester of the East’ and ‘Denim City’. With proper planning and adequate capital investment, jeans manufacturing can be started at a small scale, entrepreneurs can expect an estimated internal rate of return (IRR) of 21.31%.

5. Printing and Embroidery Business:

Gujarat is known for its bold color printing. With a lot of festivals here, people like to wear different and unique patterns. Embroidered work clothes look elegant and beautiful at the same time. So you can set up your own small business in Gujarat and earn good money by creating attractive products by adding design, patches, etc. to the products. In addition, you can sell ready-made garments in Gujarat or export to various places outside Gujarat.

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