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20 Best Real Money Earning Apps in India without Investment

Best Real Money Earning Apps in India

Around 70% of the population in India has access to more than one internet-enabled device. Here, the people with android and iOS devices contribute to 55%. Thus, money-earning apps in India without investment are gaining much popularity as online work-from-home jobs. Today, Indians make money online and become successful people by creating passive income. Here, we have listed the top 20 real money-earning apps in India.

Best Real Money Earning Apps in India

20 Best Money Earning Apps in India Without Investment 2021

1. Cashbuddy

One of the real great real money earning apps in India is Cashbuddy. They pay you for watching promotional videos. You have to watch some Youtube videos, which are primarily advertisements. They give credit to your Paytm wallet for watching online videos through this app.

2. Meesho

When it comes to women-friendly online money earning apps then it is the best one. The Meesho app tops the list in India. It is a reselling app where a woman can select products and promote via online. They will earn a percentage of money as commission for the sale made through this app.

3. mCent

It is a simple work-from-home job in India. This app pays you for referrals. They give credit to your Paytm wallet for providing affiliate referrals from your social media and known contacts. It helps to get your mobile number recharged by earning rewards by referring and downloading apps.


The trusted online money earning apps in India without investment for women is SHEROES. To use this app and make money, you must be active in the top 5 social media networking sites. This app allows you to purchase and sell online without any investments. You can make use of this app and earn a referral commission.

5. Dream 11

It is the best online gamer money-making apps in India. The users have to play games on this app to get rewards. You will earn more rewards when you refer your friends, and they download with your referral links.


The best work-from-home job in India is by taking tuition online. WONK app is trusted, and more online tuition seekers are available 24/7. Thus, you can sell your education, skill and subject knowledge via taking tuition for the needy students online. You will be paid hourly for taking tuition via this app.

7. CouponDunia

These types of money-making apps in India pay you for registering. They pay you INR 50 after a successful registration. You can refer your friends can earn INR 25 for each referral. It will help if you make use of the coupon in online stores. You save money by earning from discounts you get from those coupons.

8. Google Opinion Rewards

Make money online by answering survey questions by Google opinion reward apps. This app is simple to download and register from Google Play Store. They will send you survey questioners, which you have to answer correctly. They pay your INR 30 and above for answering survey questions online.

9. PhonePe

It is one of the best UPI payment service providers in India by Flipkart. You can make use of these money-earning apps in India without investment. You need to refer this app to your known person. When they download, you will be paid INR 150 to your bank account.

10. Loco

One of the best make money online by watching and playing online games is the Loco app. It would help if you earned money in your leisure time by playing games, which they will pay you. You will also be paid by watching their videos. Thus, this app is popular among online gamers.

11. GooglePay

It is one of the widespread money-earning apps in India. Your spending on this app will get your rewards. They give direct credit to your bank account. You will be paid INR 15 for referrals. Thus, you will save more by using the offers and discounts they give as per your UPI payments.

12. Current Rewards

The online money-earning app for music lovers is the Current Rewards app. It will help if you listened to music on this app and earn many existing rewards. This app allows you to cash out via trusted payment gateways. Thus, you can earn real cash by listening to album songs and radio songs.

13. TaskBucks

It is a workaholic’s best online work from home job to earn easy money. It would help if you watched some promotional ads to get some rewards. You can earn more than INR 100 a day by referring this app to your friend’s circle. They do pay you for downloading some apps they suggest to do so.

14. Roz Dhan

Paytm has provided one of the best multiple money-earning apps in India. Their Roz Dhan is the best to use and earn via checking your horoscope, playing games, taking surveys, and solving puzzles in your free time. They do pay you a registration fee of INR 50 to your Paytm wallet free.

15. PocketMoney

It is India’s best real money earning apps, which pays you via Paytm for playing games. It will help you if you could spend 2 – 3 hours daily playing Tambola online. Its lucky draw option will mint you unexpected earning.

16. EarnKaro App

 It is one of the famous money-earning apps in India for shoppers. You can download this app, start shopping, and earn rewards. You will get rewards for referring others for products and services via social media networking. You can share sales deals with your contacts and earn rewards too.

17. Honeygain App

It is one of the passive money-earning apps in India without investment. You will be surprised to know they pay you for sharing your internet data. Yet, it is happening in real-time, and you can try this app by downloading from the Google Play store and trusted app stores.

18. LopScoop

It is the best online money-earning app for readers. This app will pay you via Paytm for reading articles. They do publish blog posts, which you can refer to online. Yet, you will be paid more on referrals made by you online.

19. Userfeel

It is the best online work from home job for web and app lovers. Here, they allow you to tests various website and apps to check their user designs and give feedback on such sites. They pay you for your testing on multiple devices and reporting it as they function in different internet-enabled devices.

20. 4FunLite

It is simply the best money-making apps in India for video and post sharing. You will get INR 100 for just registering on this app. You must make use of your free time to read their posts and watch videos and share them with your social media contacts or your known contacts.

Pros and Cons of Money Earning Apps


Endless Passive Income

Some of the best apps that mint you money are lifetime free registration. Thus, you can earn a passive income for a lifetime. You hardly work on them for a few hours only to earn unlimited.

Flexible Time to Work

Apps that pay real money come with much flexibility for the users. You can work at your convenient time make them popular with working and nonworking people globally.

Zero Investment

Many trusted cash-earning apps do not need to pay registration fees or subscription charges. Thus, you are earning a passive income without investing your hard-earned money.

Secured Payment Gateways

Money earning apps in India use more than one trusted payment gateway. Thus, your earned money will get into your account in safe and secure payment.

Education and Skills No Bar

The top 20 money-earning apps in India do not need any specific qualifications or skills. Such apps are available in multiple languages apart from English. Thus, reading knowledge of English and any other languages is enough to earn online.


Scam Online Earning Apps

You cannot trust all money-earning apps in India until they are worth it. Some apps do not have any contact number and customer service. Here, getting your payout will be difficult if they do not serve you via customer service in chat, phone calls, and email support.

Less Payout

The passive income you receive might be less than what you can earn in real-time. Sometimes, you will find it hard to reach the minimum payout limit or target.

Time Waste

People willing to make more money through apps might waste their time by registering on many money-earning apps. Thus, you will not drive out of multiple apps by registering and working on them.


How Dous Money Earning Apps in India Work?

The money-earning apps in India work as per the niche you are interested in it. They pay you for your referrals, affiliate marketing of products or services, and cashback schemes.  

How to Sign-Up with the Money Earning Apps?

First, you must have a dedicated mobile number in a Smartphone, bank account, and email ID to register. Later, you have to download the best money-earning app and follow its registration.