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7 New Manufacturing Business Ideas with Medium Investment in India

Small scale business roots for those who want to become an entrepreneur. It is also very useful for the development of the people and the Indian economy. Establishing a small scale industry requires much greater participation and risk than large companies. Starting a small scale industry requires appropriate ideas and guidance to follow the path of success.

Recently the Government of India announced the “Atma Nirbhaar Bharat Abhiyan” to promote small-scale best manufacturing business in India, to create a self-reliant and prevent an unfortunate situation in future. Today, the entire country is fighting with the epidemic as many people lose their salaried jobs, so setting up more small scale industries helps in providing more employment

Best Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

Let’s discuss some small scale industries ideas that give a boost to your step towards entrepreneur.

#1. Homemade Chocolates

People are crazy about chocolate because chocolate can remove all bitterness and provide happiness. Chocolate is a dessert that has many health benefits. If you are looking for a low-cost business then it is suitable for you because the process of making chocolate is very easy with less equipment, you do not need much cost to buy heavy equipment.

Chocolates always make the ideal gift for any occasion. And you also take a variety of orders for chocolate according to preference

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#2. Manufacturing cakes and cookies

our other recommendations for small-scale manufacturing ideas include homemade cakes and cookies. The cake is the main purpose of every celebration; the business of homemade cakes and cookies is now grown in many areas, especially in rural areas. Set up a cake business by showing your love for baking as well as encouraging you to be an entrepreneur.

Encourage your creative side by making a variety of cakes and cookies. Without any hard investment, you can bake by yourself and nowadays they are many ideas and creative versions available on the internet.

#3. Homemade soap and face wash

Today, people who opt for organic lifestyles start using chemical-free products for a better purpose. Creating organic beauty products add another suggestion to small industry ideas. Organic product requires little investment to establish production and at the same time, you should try that product for a better review. 

You do not need to do much research for ideas because they can be household materials and everyone knows their effects.

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#4. Painting Business

By all means, opening a painting business is the safest way to set up a small scale business. The painting business never requires a high amount for investment, this business requires only creative minds. People are very fond of their walls because the wall reminds them of their hobbies, likes and goals. 

Nowadays many people paint their wall according to their preferences, parents want a painted wall with children’s favourite cartoons and superheroes, as well as travellers, who like to depict the world map on the wall. Establishing a painting business requires more imagination and less cost.

#5. Manufacturing bags

Bags are always in demand among people of all ages and there is never a shortage of customers. You can also make a bag with paper, jute, sturdy clothes and reusable materials, they look creative and environmentally friendly.

Students and professionals always place high demand for bags. We cannot just use bags to carry luggage but are making a fashion statement in a crowd with a unique style.

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#6. Homemade food

In a busy world, people stay away from home because of their work and ambition and cannot find the proper time to cook for themselves. The homemade food business is a great option when you start your ownsmall scale business and homemade food is healthier than others.

Many people do not get cooking permission or do not get time for it, so homemade food is the best option for everyone.

#7. Selling Vehicle Accessory and parts-

Selling vehicle accessories and parts is a very popular business on a small scale business. Vehicle owners are more knowledgeable about their vehicle because they love their bikes and cars more than anyone.

Nowadays every household owns a vehicle and due to that the vehicle parts and accessories are in demand. People like to update their bikes and cars and keep them in good condition for the next trip.

Wrapping up

Small scale business helps to become financially independent without authorization. Highly recommended to start their startup in 2020 in case of pandemics

We always welcome new ideas for starting a new Small Scale Manufacturing Business. If you have any recommendations, please write on a comment.

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